Slow Start Episode #06

This is Tamate Momochi as she visits Hana Ichinose’s apartment and tells Shion Kyouzuka that she’ll marry Hana-chan. Wow, that was a bold statement coming from Tama-chan!

Just kidding, it’s not like Tama-chan is marrying Hana-chan for real as she wants to stay at Hana’s apartment for an overnight study session.

Oh, and they invited both Eiko Tokura and Kamuri Sengoku too. At least Hana’s apartment is not cramped because the more people staying overnight, the better!

Also, here’s Hiroe Hannen as she’s starting to go outside after the events of Episode 4. Of course, she’s still wearing her track jersey…

…especially when Hiroe-san met the girls on their way to the apartment complex. Um, Hannen should realize that she’s wearing plain clothes again.

Eventually, Hiroe-san realized it and felt ashamed that she was supposed to wear something decent. Well, I have to say that she has a long way to go.

Luckily, Hiroe Hannen recovered from her embarrassment as she’s now wearing decent clothes for this study session.

Oh yeah, and Hiroe-san is doing good on teaching the girls that Tama-chan and the rest are very impressed. As expected from this honor student!

After their study session (and dinner), it’s time to relax a bit as Tamate brought her portable game console where she wants to play a dating sim.

Well, she let Eiko play the dating sim because Tama-chan knows that Eiko can take any girl into her harem. Also, seems that Hiroe Hannen is wearing her track jersey again…

After a day of studying, it’s time for a nap as they’re pretty much tired. Also, seems that Kamuri loves to hug Eiko-san very much!

As for Tama-chan, she’s thankful towards Hana-chan that they became friends. How sweet coming from her!

Well then, seems that we’re done for this week’s episode. I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that they pass the exam.

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