DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #04

Here’s Miki Makimura as she’s safe and sound after the previous episode and I’m glad that she didn’t remember the horrible bits when Miki was possessed by a devil.

Now, Miki is being mocked by her little brother Taro who thinks that she’s taking drugs. Seriously Taro, what you said is wrong!

On the other hand, here’s Akira Fuudo as he’s scaring the shit out of Taro by making himself look bigger and goofy.

Well, I have to forgive Maasaki Yuasa’s deranged animation because it’s very fitting due to the story’s grotesque nature.

Anyways, Akira Fuudo and Ryo Asuka are about to see Kaori Fuudo who is Akira’s mother. Together with her husband Reijiro, they’re eager to see their son again after their overseas trip.

Unfortunately, something terrible happened when a devil attacked the passengers inside the bus.

And this includes Akira’s mother Kaori as she was stabbed in the gut. I have a feeling that this will not end well for Akira.

So when Akira and Ryo are suspecting that there’s a delay of the passengers’ arrival, Akira Fuudo called his mother but to no avail.

Fortunately, Ryo Asuka managed to pinpoint her cellphone as it was located at the maintenance hangar.

Anyways, they went to the maintenance hangar, hoping that Kaori Fuudo and the rest of the passengers are safe.

But when Akira found his mother Kaori at the hangar, she told her son not to come near her because she’s already dead.

More specifically, her head was connected to this devil along with countless victims. But the most shocking of all was that Akira’s father Reijiro Fuudo became the devil that we see right now.

Seeing that his own father killed his mother, Akira transformed into Devilman out of pure rage.

However, instead of brutally murder Reijiro Fuudo, Akira told his father to fight it out and take back control of his body.

Unfortunately when Akira’s father Reijiro tried to regain his humanity, his consciousness was cut out by the devil inside of him which it sees Reijiro as a nuisance anyway.

So even without Reijiro’s mind, this devil can still move as he wants nothing more than seeing everyone cry in despair while their heads are attached around his body.

Seriously, that devil has angered the Devilman for not only killing his parents, but countless passengers whose heads are attached to his body in agony.

With that said, the Devilman was forced to kill this devil who claimed the lives of his mother and father.

Yeah, he was supposed to have a happy reunion, but Akira end up losing both parents who wanted him to catch up to them.

Now that this devil has been killed, seems that Akira has no other choice but to close his mother’s eyes as Kaori Fuudo passed away.

While Ryo Asuka has nothing to do in regards to both Kaori and Reijiro Fuudo, it’s a big loss for Akira Fuudo as he’s looking forward to see them again.

On the other hand, I fear that his loved ones will be involved (or even killed) when fighting against devils.

One last thing, here’s Miki “Miko” Kuroda as she was invited by one of the local rappers to a party.

More specifically, an orgy party called the Sabbath where it’s still ongoing even after the presence of devils lurking around the venue, which is bad for Miko as she might put herself in danger.

Then again, seems that she’s already in danger when Miko encountered a devil and damn, it’s fuckin’ scary up-close!

So, what’s gonna happen to Miki Kuroda? We’ll find that out on the next episode.

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