DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #05

Well, it seems that both Kaim and Silene have found their target Akira Fuudo as he has Amon inside of him.

But of course, Silene is looking forward for Amon’s return as she really wants to have a good fuck from him, even though Kaim truly loved her dearly.

Y’know, it’s sad that despite being devils, there are some who’s capable of loving one another.

Meanwhile, it seems that after a night at the Sabbath, Miki Kuroda has transformed from a meek teen girl into a ripped woman who runs faster than Miki Makimura.

Oh, and she’s not the only one as this guy named Kukun was changed. I guess that being possessed by a devil has some benefits at the cost of sending their souls into damnation.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Akira Fuudo stumbled upon Silene at a brothel. Man, what’s gonna happen to him when Akira have sex with a devil.

On the other hand, seems that Silene looks gorgeous in her birthday suit. That’ll make me turn on when seeing Silene’s naked body!

However, my hopes and dreams went crashing down when Silene transforms into her true devilish form.

Oh and she grabbed Akira Fuudo from her talon, which is painful and might kill you if you’re not a devil like her.

And to make matters worse, Silene took Akira to the skies with a red moon shining through the night. Not a good way to die for Akira Fuudo.

Hell, I don’t think that he’ll die off so easily as Akira transforms into Devilman to free himself from Silene’s clutches.

However, it’s gonna be a hard battle when Akira will have to face a stronger devil.

And as you can see, he lost his left arm when Silene throw a large object to maim Devilman.

However, the Devilman fought back as he gouge Silene’s right eye and ripped her right arm out.

Oh and to make matters worse for her, Silene is being fucked by the Devilman in the sky. Well, she wanted to have sex after all!

This angered Kaim as his fellow devil is being defiled by a mere human who has Amon’s powers and girth. So, he transformed into his true form…

…send lightning towards the Devilman in order to save Silene. By this time, Silene is on her last legs as her wounds are so severe.

So, Kaim offered his life and body not just for her survival, but out of love for Silene.

And as for Silene, she appreciate Kaim’s sacrifice that tears are pouring out of her cheeks. Well, it really proves that devils are capable of mutual love.

In any case, both Kaim and Silene fused together to become a powerful devil that’ll crush the Devilman…

And while she lost her right eye and arm, Silene got more strength thanks to Kaim’s enormous body which can produce lightning.

With no time to spare, Silene proceeds to beat the hell out of Devilman and as you can see, Akira Fuudo has no chance of survival as he’s basically tired at this point.

Now the only thing left is for Silene to finish him off!

Yet for some reason, Akira Fuudo survived as Ryo Asuka managed to find him and gave Akira some water.

Of course, we don’t know what happened to Silene after his near-death experience.

So, Ryo Asuka took Akira Fuudo into Silene or should I say the remains of it…

…as Silene died while standing up, smiling as she’s about to grasp victory over the Devilman. Well, seems that she didn’t have to strength to finish him off!

For Akira Fuudo, he knows that both Kaim and Silene are in love with each other, but it was too late for them to notice in the end.

Well everyone, we’ll sure miss both Silene and Kaim but there are devils that are far stronger than Akira Fuudo and they’re really gonna get him in the future!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as DEVILMAN crybaby has reached its halfway point!

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