Yuru Camp Episode #07

This is Lake Shibire where its pristine scenery has a secret in which a bull demon emerges from the lake.

But then again, it’s just an urban legend where there’s no such thing as a bull demon. However, it doesn’t stop Nadeshiko Kagamihara from praying that it won’t happen. Silly Nadeshiko!

Anyways, both Nadeshiko Kagamihara and Rin Shima have set up camp near Lake Shiribe as both of them are drinking a cup of cocoa and relaxing at the moment.

On the other hand, seems that Rin Shima started camping back in middle school because of her grandfather and she never looked back ever since. Well, I’d say that Rin-chan owes a lot from her grandpa that she became a good camper.

Meanwhile, Nadeshiko Kagamihara is exploring Lake Shibire by herself as it looks so beautiful during the day. C’mon, at least it’s not scary!

Heck, she even met another pair of campers who are staying at Lake Shibire. Don’t mind the drunken woman over there as she’s totally wasted.

Well then, seems that Nadeshiko is done exploring Lake Shibire as she returns to her camp site.

However, it looks like Rin Shima is having trouble setting up the campfire using her compact campfire grill.

Well, seems that they’re not gonna cook some food at this point and their portable gas stove won’t do much when Nadeshiko and Shimarin have meats and vegetables to cook.

Fortunately, Nadeshiko asked someone to help it out. It’s the guy from before and he has a solution to setting up a campfire.

By using an extruded charcoal and light it with a torch, the grill is now lit and both girls can enjoy cooking their meals. Just hoping that Nadeshiko and Shimarin can share it later.

In any case, it’s already evening and both girls are cooking some hot pot and pork skewers.

Also, it’s cold at night so Nadeshiko and Rin-chan covered themselves with a blanket. Yeah, looks like they formed a secret society revolving around blankets.

Once their hot pot and pork skewers are fully-cooked, Rin-chan and Nadeshiko shared a portion of it to their neighbors as a sign of thanks.

In exchange, these campers gave both Nadeshiko and Shimarin some jambalaya rice, which is a good meal to pair up with both the hot pot and pork skewers. Also, don’t mind the drunken woman over there as she needs to cut her booze consumption.

Anyways, it looks like Nadeshiko Kagamihara and Rin Shima are having a great camping trip at Lake Shibire…

…or maybe not as Shimarin encountered a ghost that she ran away to her tent. Then again, Rin-chan saw what appears to be a drunken camper which is not scary at all.

Anyways, they still had a great time at Lake Shibire so it’s all good in the end. Now then, I’ll see you next time as the Outdoors Club are recruiting new members!

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