Darling in the FranXX Episode #06

Hey everyone, this episode will be a doozy one as let’s start it out with Code:015 “Ichigo” having a little talk with Code:016 “Hiro” before before their big operation in later time.

Hmm, I wonder if she’s gonna confess her feelings towards Hiro since she’s somewhat in love towards him instead of her actual partner Code:056 “Goro”. Poor Goro, seems that he’s just a pilot to Ichigo than an actual lover.

Unfortunately, Hiro will have to cut his conversation short as Code:002 “Zero-Two” called him to prepare for the upcoming operation. So much for Ichigo’s courage to tell Hiro that she loves him.

Now then, let’s talk about the operation itself as both Plantation 26 and 13’s respective FranXX teams must defend the pipeline from being destroyed. C’mon, both plantations “kissed” each other in the previous episode in order to transfer magma.

Anyways, they’re up against a swarm of Conrad-class klaxosaur as well as large one code-named Target: Beta.

So with that said, let’s start the operation as Plantation 26’s FranXX team will strike first as they’re veterans when it comes to dealing with klaxosaurs.

And despite having the same FranXX design, their teamwork is top-notch that they have no trouble fighting against a swarm of Conrad-class klaxosaurs.

On the other hand, we have Plantation 13’s FranXX team as they have unique designs for their mecha, which means that they’re powerful than Plantation 26’s FranXX team right?

Not quite as Plantation 13 is comprised of green horns who barely have experience fighting against a bunch of klaxosaurs.

Of course, their lack of coordination and teamwork are compensated with the addition of Strelizia. But then again, Zero-Two considered the rest of the team as nothing more than either dead weight or cannon fodder at worst.

Speaking of the Strelizia, looks like Zero-Two and Hiro are ready to go, but it appears that Hiro is not feeling so well. Then again, he’ll continue to pilot the FranXX whenever there’s a chance.

Before they sortie out, Zero-Two asked Hiro on what he’s fighting for. Of course, Hiro will simply tell her that he’s fighting to protect Papa and the entire fort city from klaxosaurs, something that Zero-Two finds it boring. As for Zero-Two’s motivation to fight against the klaxosaurs? She’s just acting on her instinct that’s all!

In any case, both Hiro and Zero-Two have moved out to fight against the Conrad-class klaxosaurs as Strelizia destroys them like a one-man army!

However, things took a slight turn for the worse as Target: Beta changed into a humanoid-type klaxosaur.

This is called the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur and its intimidating size and strength will strike fear towards the parasites.

This includes Plantation 26’s FranXX team in which they’re powerless against the Gutenberg-class, not to mention that their mecha has ran out of juice…

…which means that they’re sitting ducks as they’re about to get squashed by the Gutenberg-class. Well, we’re surely gonna miss them.

Or maybe not as Code:360 “Miku” and Code:666 “Zorome” rescued the leader of Plantation 26’s FranXX team.

Sometimes, you need a helping hand if you want to survive unless the council decides to expel you in the most horrible way possible. C’mon, Plantation 26’s FranXX team members didn’t survive once they reach adulthood.

Meanwhile, here’s Code:016 “Hiro” as he’s still struggling to keep himself focused since the tumor from his chest is spreading throughout his entire body.

But, his determination to pilot the Strelizia has kept Hiro to push through his limits…

…and deliver this final blow against the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur. Looks like this operation is finally over!

Or maybe not as the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur is still alive and punched the Strelizia so hard…

…that the FranXX went flying towards the ground. By the way, seems that Hiro is no longer moving as took his last breath to finish this klaxosaur off, but he didn’t do much.

And speaking of the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur, it has another ace of its sleeve as this klaxosaur transforms into a fist-like pile driver!

What’s worse is that Strelizia can’t move without Hiro piloting the FranXX and while Zero-Two can pilot it, Strelizia’s power is cut in half as she couldn’t put her FranXX to its full potential.

With that said, Code:015 “Ichigo” and Code:056 “Goro” couldn’t bear to watch as the Strelizia is being crushed by the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur. At this point, both Zero-Two and Hiro might die in battle.

Or so I thought as Code:016 “Hiro” is still breathing, but he’s closer to dying. Unfortunately, Hiro couldn’t move…

…as he was forced to watch Code:002 “Zero-Two” where she continues to struggle against the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur.

Y’know, I feel sad that Zero-Two is suffering by herself that she needed some help in order to cope up with her loneliness.

However, a miracle happened as Hiro got back up and hugged Zero-Two to calm her down.

Wow, can’t believe that Hiro is alive after piloting the Strelizia three times. Also, seems that his tumor from his chest is now gone.

And so, the Strelizia has returned to fight against the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur. Looks like this FranXX refused to get turned into scrap metal!

Heck, even Dr. Franxx is amazed on how Hiro survived as comments on Hiro’s new motivation to pilot the Strelizia. We’ll know about it later.

For now, let’s end this operation once and for all as the Strelizia delivers the final blow against the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur…

…carrying it into the sky with wings spurting out from the klaxosaur’s body. I have to say that it’s majestic to see the Strelizia defeating this klaxosaur in this fashion.

Anyways, the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur is finally destroyed and the operation is successful with both plantations finished their magma transfer.

Everyone is alive thanks to both Hiro and Zero-Two’s efforts!

And here’s both of them as they managed to survive another battle against the klaxosaurs.

One more thing, it was revealed that Hiro has another purpose on piloting the Strelizia as he wants to be his wings to Zero-Two, meaning that Hiro wants to become her companion forever. Yeah, I found it sweet that Hiro has a new motivation in life instead of becoming a shield to protect Papa and the council, but then again the council is hiding something.

So even though the battle is over, there’s still more to come on the next episode. Who knows what challenges will await Hiro, Zero-Two, and the rest of Plantation 13’s FranXX team.

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