A Place Further Than the Universe Episode #08

On this episode, the Penguin Manju sets off to Antarctica as Mari Tamaki and her friends says goodbye to Australia.

And it’s gonna be a tough time for Kimari and the rest of the girls as the journey towards the South Pole will be a rough one. More on that later…

In any case, the girls will do some reporting inside the ship since Yuzuki Shiraishi is the host of a variety show, which funded this expedition to Antarctica.

But then again, Shirase Kobuchizawa is still stiff in front of the camera that Hinata Miyake wants to smack her for looking awkward during the report.

After they’re done interviewing some of the Penguin Manju crew, they went to the galley where the girls must peel a box of potatoes. C’mon, it’s common practice for every staff member to peel vegetables during the expedition.

And lastly, the girls will need to do some exercise in order to survive the harsh environments when Kimari and the rest arrived in Antarctica.

In any case, that’s how they roll inside the Penguin Manju and let’s hope that their journey towards the South Pole will be smooth-sailing.

Then again, I have to take it back as the girls are feeling seasick right now.

It seems that Kimari and the rest couldn’t handle the strong waves that they throw up every time the expedition ship sways left and right.

Moreso when the Penguin Manju is travelling to stormy seas, which the ship is getting battered by the strongest tidal waves.

While the veterans can handle the rough waves since they experienced it 3 years ago, the girls will have a tough time handling it.

However, they eventually got used to it when Kimari and the rest went outside and experience it by themselves. Yeah, it’s dangerous to go out there cause you might get swept away by the waves, but Mari Tamaki and the rest of the girls managed to overcome their fears and weaknesses so they can survive Antarctica once they reach there.

But once they got past the stormy seas, it’s all smooth-sailing from here on out as the Penguin Manju will reach Antarctica real soon. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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