Slow Start Episode #08

On this episode, looks like Hana Ichinose is on class duty but she got here a bit late. Heck, she even skipped breakfast and didn’t brought her lunch box that Shion Kyouzuka made.

On the other hand, Hana-chan met Nanae Takahashi where she felt awkward when speaking to Nanae-san. While she can speak normally with her friends, Ichinose couldn’t have a normal conversation with other people.

So much that when Hana-chan talked about her embarrassing experience to her friends, they decided to help her out since Hana Ichinose needs to be more friendly and comfortable towards everyone and not just her friends.

In any case, Tama-chan and Eiko brought some classmates to talk to Hana-chan on various things like club activities and hobbies, although Hana-chan couldn’t talk more about club stuff because she’s not athletic.

But hey, it’s a good thing that Hana Ichinose has opened up to other people, which is great since she’s one year older than them and she needs a lot of interaction in order to get fit in towards them.

As for Hana-chan’s relationship towards Nanae Takahashi, it went well after being helped by her friends.

One more thing, it’s time for the girls to prepare for their outing during summer as they pick up new swimsuits and buy them.

Now then, here’s Eiko Tokura as she picked hers because her old one couldn’t fit anymore. I mean, Eiko’s breasts has gone bigger in recent years!

Heck, even Tamate Momochi is curious to what her current cup size as well as what panties she’s wearing underneath her bikini. Um Tama-chan, you’re sounded like a dirty old man than a budding high school girl.

But that’s about it for this week’s episode as I can’t wait for these girls to hit the beach… if this series has one!

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