DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #06

This is Moyuru Kouda and even though he looked like Kukun which I mentioned in the previous episode, I have to correct myself that they’re not the same person.

So yeah, Moyuru Kouda has been possessed by a devil and damn, he’s got a big gaping mouth on his chest while banging a guy named Junichi, which Moyuru Kouda killed him. No seriously, I’m not making this up!

Meanwhile, here’s Miki Makimura as she’s asking Akira Fuudo if he’s okay. After all, both of them will participate in the 4×100 meter relay race.

Of course, Akira can’t tell Miki that he’s possessed by a devil and rescued her at that time. It’s not easy being Devilman.

Speaking of Akira, he went to see Moyuru-san and talk to him while crying. Well, Fuudo is a crybaby after all but Kouda sees him as an annoyance.

So, Moyuru Kouda knocked Akira Fuudo straight to the lockers and damn, Kouda should have control his strength or everyone would suspect that he’s a devil.

Meanwhile, looks like Miki Makimura is getting a handshake…

…from Miki Kuroda, telling her that she’ll become the new Miki once the relay race is over.

Y’know, it’s not like Miki Makimura cares about her name, it’s just that Miko has gone arrogant thanks to her awakened powers by becoming a devil.

Lastly, here’s Moyuru Kouda as he was asked by Ryo Asuka to drink this special water in front of the camera. C’mon, Kouda was sponsored to do this stuff.

Then again, Ryo Asuka is planning to expose Moyuru-san as it turns out that the water he’s drinking contains special substances that will turn him into a devil at any moment.

Seriously, Ryo will do anything to tell the world that devils exists!

Anyways, it’s time for the 4×100 meter relay race, but it’s more like a 400 meter solo sprint race as Moyuru Kouda and Akira Fuudo are running neck-to-neck towards the finish line.

In any case, Akira Fuudo told Moyuru Kouda that he’s scared of finding out that he’s a devil. C’mon, Moyuru-san might burst at any minute, more so when he drank the water given by Ryo Asuka earlier.

However, seems that Kouda will transform into a devil in front of a live audience as Ryo Asuka hastily carry out his plans, starting with hacking the entire stadium by showing footage of the Sabbath.

Yeah, some parents would say “Won’t somebody please think of the children?” upon seeing lewd and vulgar imagery being broadcast in every household.

But let’s go back to Moyuru Kouda as he couldn’t take it anymore and his body transforms into a devil.

And now, Moyuru couldn’t control his body as the devil inside of him took over and started killing people.

Well, this is what Ryo Asuka wanted, to expose the existence of devils and strike fear among humans. Then again, I question his motive on exposing devils because Ryo’s actions might have crossed the line.

Anyways, Akira Fuudo has decided to stop Moyuru Kouda as Devilman. I mean, his role is to stop other devils from hurting humans.

However, Akira won’t kill Moyuru-san right away because he wants Kouda to take control of his body and fight the devil within. Well, he tried that previously with his father Reijiro, but failed to do in the end.

In any case, let’s hope that Akira Fuudo succeeds on the next episode. But then again, I fear that Moyuru Kouda might not last long.

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