citrus Episode #09

Well, looks like Ume Aihara is surprised that her daughter Yuzu is making so many sponge cakes, albeit a bit burned on the outside.

In any case, it was a good effort for Yuzu as she’s making cakes from scratch instead of buying one from a pastry shop. Of course, Yuzu wished for Mei to return home for this Christmas party… if it wasn’t for Matsuri Mizusawa.

That’s because she’s busy blackmailing Mei as Matsuri told her to stay away from Yuzu and go to some male stranger instead for some compensated dating.

Of course if Mei didn’t do what Matsuri said, she’ll send her embarrassing photo to everyone, including Mei’s grandfather. Ugh, what a scumbag Matsuri is!

Now that Mei is out of the picture (at least temporarily), Matsuri managed to get closer to Yuzu without any interruptions as she invited her childhood friend to a cake shop for a date.

Then again, Matsuri Mizusawa didn’t realize that Yuzu has another friend in the form of Harumi Taniguchi, and she didn’t took that account when dealing with Mei Aihara. Yeah, Harumin might pop up somewhere to interrupt this date.

Also, coupled with Yuzu mentioning Mei during their conversation has ticked Matsuri off. I mean, she really hate Mei so much!

So, Matsuri told Yuzu that Mei went to some guy at a love hotel somewhere in Tokyo.

Y’know Matsuri Mizusawa, if you really want to take out Mei Aihara, you shouldn’t told Yuzu about it and stay silent throughout the day.

Because of Matsuri slipping out her devious plans, Yuzu head-butted towards her childhood friend and told Matsuri to apologize towards Mei.

Seriously Matsuri, your plan is falling apart and it’s your fault for hating Mei just because you’re a childhood friend to Yuzu.

In any case, Yuzu went outside to search for her step-sister. I mean, it’s also her fault for not being a good elder sister to Mei.

Fortunately, Mei appeared in front of Yuzu as she run away from some dirty old guy at the last minute. Yeah, going off some stranger is a complete waste of time!

In any case, Yuzu is glad that she managed to see Mei again as she felt sorry for being a bad elder sister. Well, glad that it’s all over but what about Matsuri Mizusawa?

It turns out that she admit defeat as Matsuri apologized to Mei for her trouble. Yeah, it looks like Matsuri Mizusawa will be relegated to a mere childhood friend… but she’s okay for having a threesome with Yuzu and Mei Aihara.

With that said, this so-called mini love triangle is finished, but I feel that the road to have everyone accept Yuzu’s love for Mei will be a long one. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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