Slow Start Episode #09

On this episode, I was expecting for a beach episode but it was cancelled because it’s raining outside and I believe that there’s a typhoon at the beach right now.

So yeah, looks like both Tamate Momochi and Hana Ichinose are very sad that they couldn’t go to the beach when they’re looking forward for it.

In any case, seems that it’s raining cats and dogs inside Hana’s apartment, which Eiko Tokura and Kamuri Sengoku felt pity towards them.

So, they wear their swimsuits just to cheer both Hana-chan and Tama-chan up. I mean, it’s a waste on not wearing it after they bought those swimsuits at a department store.

But seeing them in bikinis has made Tama-chan very happy that she wanna wear hers too!

And so, Tama-chan and Hana-chan wore their bikinis and they’re looked so happy. Wait, are we going to have a bikini party on this episode instead of going to the beach?

On the other hand, here’s Hiroe Hannen as she’s here to share some lychees that were given by her mother. Of course, Hiroe-san will be surprised when she opened the door.

Once she opened the door, Hiroe Hannen is greeted by a bikini-wearing Eiko Tokura inside Hana Ichinose’s apartment. Oh, and it’s not just Eiko who’s wearing a swimsuit…

…but the likes of Hana Ichinose and Kamuri Sengoku who are wearing swimsuits on this occasion. Of course, Eiko wants Hiroe-san to join them.

And so, she brought a spare bikini for Hiroe Hannen to wear. Yeah, looks like Hiroe-san has a nice body that’s comparable to either Eiko Tokura or Shion Kyouzuka.

And speaking of Shion Kyouzuka, looks like she’s here at Hana-chan’s apartment to tell her something important…

…only to be greeted by a bikini-clad Tama-chan. Well, I expect them to drag Shion-san into their bikini party.

But, Shion-san returned to her apartment and came back where she’s wearing her own bikini. Yeah, this episode is becoming more of a bikini party than a beach episode.

Oh yeah, seems that Shion Kyouzuka is here to tell something important as she found a resort to go there and relax.

And thanks to Shion’s recommendations, Hana Ichinose and her friends have arrived at the resort, complete with a swimming pool and other amenities.

Well, it might not be a beach but it’s a better alternative!

And so, the girls are having fun at the pool where Kamuri Sengoku and Tamate Momochi are swimming leisurely.

Also, here’s Hana Ichinose where she’s learning how to swim with Eiko Tokura. As always, it’s nice that she has friends to help her out.

Speaking of Hana-chan and her friends, where’s both Shion Kyouzuka and Hiroe Hannen?

Well, they went to the spa together as they’re getting a massage since they having stiff muscles lately.

And it’s nice to have them relax after a day’s work, especially for Shion-san who always take care of Hana-chan in addition to her role as the apartment’s caretaker.

Oh yeah, and here’s Hiroe Hannen as it’s her first time getting a full massage treatment. But don’t worry though as Hiroe-san will feel better afterwards.

And that’s about it for this episode as while it’s not a beach episode, at least the girls have fun at the resort. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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