Toji no Miko Episode #09

On this episode, the girls are starting to get used to their new place, also known as Mokusa’s secret headquarters.

Also, what a way to start this episode with Ellen Kohagura scrubbing Sayaka Itomi. Then again, seems that Kaoru Mashiko is getting jealous.

On the other hand, here’s Kanami Etou talking to Mai Yanase about her mother’s former life as a toji, as well as her plans to fight against Yukari Origami together with Hiyori Juujou.

But speaking of Mai Yanase, she’s worried that she won’t contribute anything against the Origami clan ever since the revelation that Yukari-sama is being possessed by Princess Tagitsu. But you know what, I think Mai will understand her role more as a toji later down the line.

For now, Kanami Etou and her friends will have to enjoy the festivities until then. Also, Kanami is amazed on eating a large cotton candy in her hand.

As the sun went down, there’s still more in Mokusa’s headquarters as the festival has bonfires to light up the night.

Also, here’s Rui Onda as she has returned after getting arrested by the police, but got bailed out by President Ema Hashima in the end.

Yeah, glad that she’s back as Rui Onda told the girls that the main event will start at any minute.

And here’s the important part of this festival as the toji are performing a purification ceremony. What are they purifying for if you may ask?

Well, it turns out that they’re purifying a noro that was stored in the shrine’s shintai box.

Now, I’ve already mentioned noro many time and while it was used by the elite guard to power themselves up, most notably Yomi Satsuki, we don’t know its origins until now.

So as Richard Friedman explained, noro is formed as impurities upon forging an okatana and it has the same divine properties as the finished sword. Therefore, noro is being worshiped by various people across Japan, or it’s being used as components for spectrum meters.

However, using noro as a weapon was not just a recent discovery as the Japanese military wanted to use it back in World War 2, and so they accelerated on gathering noro after the war and use as components for S Equipment or put them into a single container. Unfortunately, Richard Friedman told the girls that putting all the noro into a single place is a bad idea as it gained sentience and the noro consolidated itself into a great aratama, hence the disaster at the Sagami Bay happened 20 years ago.

In any case, that’s about it for the origins of noro as Kanami Etou and her friends will enjoy the rest of the evening.

Unfortunately, the festival is cancelled when the police have arrived at Mokusa’s not-so-secret headquarters. Man, I wonder if there’s a spy within an organization or Yukari Origami used one of the noro as her eyes to locate the hideout?

But no matter, what’s important is that Mokusa is surrounded by the police force who are controlled by the Origami clan, and they’re here to apprehend those who opposes Yukari-sama.

Also, seems that the police got a back-up as Yume Tsubakuro has arrived to play with Kanami Etou and her friends. I mean, she’s looking forward for it!

Then again, Kanami and her friends as well as important figures from Mokusa are gonna leave their hideout by hopping aboard a submarine.

However, the authorities have occupied the dock and it’s suicidal to beat the entire police force and make their escaped.

Not to worry though as Takako and other toji from Osafune Girls’ Academy will try to distract or even disarm the police whatever they can.

Unfortunately, the police force has a secret weapon as they have crossbows that fired specialized bolts to stun a toji to her tracks. Yeah, and it’ll be extremely painful and possibly fatal without their utsushi.

Meanwhile, Takako managed to let Kanami Etou and her friends escape she let them hop aboard the submarine, all while having an crossbow bolt getting stuck her body.

I have to say that Takako is a brave girl who wants nothing more but to support Mokusa whatever she can.

However, seems that Takako will have to fight against Yume Tsubakuro as she’s arrived to play.

Too bad that Yume won’t play against Kanami Etou and her friends for the time being since they’re already in the submarine.

So, she let out her frustration against Takako instead and I have to say that this toji from Osafune is a goner when Yume Tsubakuro soundly beat her.

Well everyone, looks like Yume Tsubakuro didn’t get to play with Kanami Etou and her friends as she saw the submarine going away to the sea.

However, it’s not like she failed the mission anyway as the real reason why Yukari Origami send her forces to Mokusa’s headquarters is because she wanted to collect the noro that was stored there. Now, I feel that she’ll use all of the noro to create another great aratama, apart from using it as a power boost to her elite guard.

With that said, it’s gonna be an uphill battle for Mokusa and their remaining toji, as they’re trying to find another place to lick their wounds and maybe plan for an attack against the Origami clan. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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