DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #07

Well everyone, the age of fear has ushered in across the world as Ryo Asuka exposed the existence of devils, starting with Moyuru Kouda as he was transformed in the previous episode.

Now, the likes of Miki Kuroda are either went into hiding or kill anyone to survive. And seriously, it’s Ryo’s fault for turning humanity into a state of hysteria, which they kill each other regardless on whether they’re humans or even devils-in-disguise.

Speaking of Moyuru Kouda, he’s currently hiding on a rooftop as he saw the empty stadium where Moyuru-san transformed into a devil and killed a bunch of humans.

At least he retained his humanity as Akira Fuudo told him, otherwise Moyuru Kouda will be killed right now.

And here’s Akira Fuudo as he grabbed some food to eat since Moyuru Kouda is hungry.

But hey, Moyuru Kouda was thankful towards Akira Fuudo, although he’ll have to hide for now and control his urges to eat humans.

On the other hand, here’s Miki Makimura as she’s confronted by a group who suspected her of being a devil, even though Miki is still a human being.

But it doesn’t matter now because this group will just indiscriminately kill Miki Makimura, regardless of whether she’s possessed by a devil or not.

Man, I’m hoping that Miki will be rescued by Akira Fuudo. Unfortunately, he’s busy finding other devils who still retained their humanity.

So instead, the local rapping gang has decided to stepped in and rescued Miki. Well, at least they’re not acting like assholes for once, unlike previously where they’re implying that they want to rape her back then.

In any case, Miki Makimura is safe for now, but the hysteria continues as humans are still hunting down devils regardless.

I guess Ryo Asuka’s idea worked that they’re panicking at the moment.

Meanwhile, it looks like Moyuru Kouda got a visitor and he might get killed at this point. I wonder who’s that visitor?

Why it’s none other than Miki “Miko” Kuroda as she transformed into an arachnid-type devil.

Yeah, she’s menacing alright but I think that it would be wise for her not to kill Moyuru Kouda and hide for now.

Lastly, here’s Akira Fuudo as he went to Ryo Asuka’s apartment and questioned him on why everyone is acting like they’re out for blood against each other.

I mean, Ryo is the one who exposed the devils’ existence and he should take responsibility for it.

However, Ryo Asuka didn’t care if there will be repercussions when exposing the existence of devil, as he told Akira Fuudo that humanity is weak and dumb that they’re consumed by fear and started killing themselves.

Also, Ryo told Akira that there’s no need for him to hunt down his kin as humans will do it by sacrificing themselves in order to kill devils anyway.

With that said, Ryo Asuka’s explanation regarding the ensuing hysteria has ticked Akira Fuudo off and left the apartment. While Ryo tried to stop him, there’s nothing he can do.

Well, seems that their friendship has ended just like that. And besides, the only thing that benefited this ongoing chaos were the devils themselves, not humans.

Now that Akira is done talking to his former friend, he went to the Makimura residence where Noel told him to take care of Miki while he’s away.

Oh yes, and it seems that the whole Makimura family will go to their separate ways in order to save themselves, as both Akiko and Taro Makimura are escaping the chaos.

By the way, it’s also revealed that Taro has been possessed by a devil and Akiko doesn’t want her only son to get murdered by an angry mob.

One last thing, it appears that some ball of light has appeared and the devils are getting hurt upon looking at it. By the way, those are devils over there upon looking at the light.

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode as the chaos continues which will lead humanity into a path of self-destruction.

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  1. Karandi says:

    Chaos is a good word for the goings on in that episode. It all seemed very hasty and rushed and I kind of get what they were going for but it would have been nice to see this section fleshed out a bit more so that each part had time to really make an impact.

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