DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #09

Well, looks like The Gang just learned that Akira Fuudo is a devil and he’s dangerous that Wamu try to shoot him down. Really guys, Akira is just fighting other devils who harm humans.

I mean c’mon, do you think that Akira Fuudo will do such a thing despite being possessed by Amon? But anyways, no one is buying it.

Well except for Miki Makimura who still believes at Akira Fuudo no matter if he’s possessed by a devil or not. After all, he laments on everything he cared about like his parents and Miki’s family.

But thanks to Miki Makimura, Akira Fuudo and Miki Kuroda are safe as The Gang decided not to shoot at them.

Of course, both Akira and Miko will need to get out of Miki’s house or she might get caught by an angry mob or something. I mean, she’s being called a witch to some people.

Meanwhile, the broadcast from the previous episode were done by the devils themselves, just to fool those humans into believing that Akira Fuudo is the root cause of it.

As for Ryo Asuka, he takes his leave to find Akira Fuudo but I doubt that he’ll come back to his friend after that stunt.

Oh yeah, seems that Moyuru Kouda was accepted by the devils but I wonder what’ll be his role for this episode?

Anyways, here’s an angry mob where they throw stones at people who are suspected that they’re devils.

Of course, here’s Devilman as he shield those who are beaten up and bruised, while asking them why they need to beat up people despite not being devils anyway.

Then again, nobody gives a toss to Akira Fuudo (or Devilman) as they continue to throw stones or shoot those helpless humans. Oh, and they decided to throw stones at Devilman too because he’s a devil obviously. But you know what, Akira Fuudo cares on those who are oppressed that he cries a lot, which is a shame that human won’t judge anybody beyond their appearance whether it’s good or bad.

Fortunately, some people do care as Miki Makimura wrote on her Instagram page that her friend Akira Fuudo might be a devil on the outside, he’s still human on the inside. Because of that, a few of them went to defend the Devilman.

In any case, many of them are swayed by Miki’s Instagram post that they decided to join the bandwagon and defend Akira Fuudo.

And then, someone ruined it as it turns out that Moyuru Kouda gored Akira Fuudo. Really Kouda, you’ve decided to side with the devils just to save your skin. Unbelievable!

And to make matters worse, Xenon has arrived to finish Akira off since they don’t like a mere human being possessed by the great Amon.

However, the Devilman proves otherwise as he tears Xenon apart. Well, this strongest devil just got beaten, but Akira Fuudo needs to hurry up and rescue Miki Makimura!

Meanwhile, here’s Ryo Asuka as he remembers his time spent with Akira Fuudo. While he’s hoping that his friend will return to him, let’s just say that Ryo won’t see Akira again…

…as his apartment got blown up. We don’t know who actually planted some explosives and such, but that’s a despicable way to execute a man who spilled the beans that devils exists.

But don’t worry though, Ryo Asuka will survive since he might be a devil or some heavenly being.

Now let’s go back to the Makimura residence as Wamu and Gabi are trying to block the doorway from this angry mob with their own lives…

…so that Miki Makimura and Miki Kuroda can escape while they have the change.

On the other hand, seems that both of them became friends again in contrast to previous episodes where Miko antagonizes Miki for being better than her. But that’s the past now as Miki “Miko” Kuroda will help Miki Makimura to live.

However, Miki Kuroda was gunned down by the angry mob while Miki Makimura was sent flying towards the ground.

With her body is being riddled with bullets, Miko told Miki to press forward as she’ll take it from here.

Unfortunately, Miko can’t do anything other than being peppered with lead. With that said, Miki Kuroda will be killed by the mob soon.

But not before she asked the mob on what it takes to be human and plead for mercy to spare Miki Makimura.

Then again, nobody gives a shit on Miki Kuroda’s speech anyway as she puts a bullet to her head. It’s sad that what she said is right, yet everyone called her a devil!

With Miki “Miko” Kuroda gone, Miki Makimura has no other choice but to run away as fast as possible, even if her legs are shot by the angry mob.

On the other hand, Miki encountered a van that belonged to Wamu and his gang.

However, it was found out that Wamu have been killed by the angry mob, and I’m implying that Gabi was killed off as well. At this point, Miki has nowhere to run…

…as she was helplessly murdered by the angry mob. Man, what a painful sight to see Miki Makimura being killed like this. This is horrible in my opinion and I feel saddened by it!

Now then, here’s the Devilman as he rushed towards Miki’s house, hoping that she’s alive.

Unfortunately, Akira Fuudo came too little too late as he saw Miki Makimura, now being reduced to mere body parts as the angry mob are celebrating her death.

The worst part? Wamu and Gabi’s old friends Babu and Hie are joining them. What friends they are!

Because of this, Akira Fuudo cried that he lost an important person to him, but he’s also angry that humans has gone so low to murder an innocent person…

…that Akira proceeds to kills the entire mob with a powerful breath of fire, including Wamu and Gabi’s old friends Babu and Hie which they deserved to die for backstabbing them.

So without Miki Makimura, Akira Fuudo has no other choice but to condemn humans for being worse than devils. Really, humans are easily swayed by opinion of others and went along the ride whether it’s good or bad, but mostly bad because humans will do anything to kill each other until one of them survived.

In any case, I’ll see you next time for the finale of DEVILMAN crybaby and at this point, there’s no hope for humanity as devils will reign supreme… unless a divine intervention happened.

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