Slow Start Episode #10

Well, looks like Hiroe Hannen is depressed yet again as while she’ll attend to a prep school (which is a good thing by the way), but Hiroe-san is having some fashion woes on whether her blouse should be tucked in or out.

Man, if only Eiko Tokura is here to save the day since she knows about fashion tips.

Luckily, Eiko paid a visit to Hana-chan’s apartment so she can fix Hiroe-san’s blouse by tucking it in. Yeah, wearing a blouse tucked in is better according to Eiko Tokura.

Speaking of Eiko-san, she has a present for Hana-chan which she made it with her own hands.

Turns out, it’s a brooch as Hana is delighted to have it from her friend.

Of course, Hana Ichinose is worried that she might break it but you know what, Eiko Tokura will fix it for her.

Meanwhile, Hana-chan is talking to Kiyose Enami in regards to her secret. Y’know, the one where Hana Ichinose got held up by a year because of a nasty mumps.

While she feared that her friends might alienate her, Enami-sensei told Hana-chan on not to overthink about it and enjoy her school life. Of course, Hana-chan will tell her about it someday if she has the courage to say it.

Finally, let’s end this episode as Hana Ichinose will stay at Shion Kyouzuka’s apartment for a time being, just a change of pace. Also, gotta love Hana-chan wearing a shark pajama for tonight!

Heck, even Shion-san is thrilled to see her cousin wearing it. On the other hand, it seems that Shion Kyouzuka is worried about her unemployment since she haven’t work for almost a year. But that’s okay according to her because Shion-san loves her current job as a landlady.

But that’s about it for this week’s episode of Slow Start as we’re inching closer to the finale. Then again, will Hana-chan told her friends about her gap year? We’ll find that out!

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