DEVILMAN crybaby Episode #10

Well, we’re now on the final stretch as Akira Fuudo, still holding Miki’s head, went to see his friend Ryo Asuka and asked him why he betrayed humanity by making them confused, scared, and downright insane that they kill each other.

Unfortunately, what Akira discovered upon meeting Ryo might shock him…

It turns out, Ryo Asuka revealed himself as Satan, God’s adversary for centuries where he was cast out for having devils roam around Earth and tricking humanity into committing evil deeds.

In fact, it was inevitable that Ryo or should I say Satan that humans will be doomed, he just hastened their demise so that devils will re-emerge as the only surviving race. Of course, God won’t allow him and his kind to exist and thus the Lord from heaven decided to bring divine punishment towards devils.

In any case, Ryo Asuka wants Akira Fuudo to join him and live with other devils.

Then again, Akira doesn’t give a fuck about Ryo as he lost everything that he cared for. His parents, Miki Makimura, everything that he hold dear are gone.

And so, he declared war against his former friend for his treachery and I must say that the apocalypse is coming.

Well, let’s just say that the apocalypse has already begun as humans are fighting themselves and devils by any means, even deploying nuclear missiles.

While these weapons created by humans are useful, they’ll eventually perish when devils destroy them when they don’t have any weapons to defend themselves.

And here’s Devilman as he confronts Moyuru Kouda where Akira is angry that Moyuru-san joined Ryo’s side just to save himself.

But as you can see, the Devilman defeated Moyuru Kouda with little to no effort. Well, Moyuru-san should have remained with Akira instead of defecting to Ryo’s group.

Meanwhile, Psychogenie was killed off by the remaining humans. Yeah, it was a pathetic end to Ryo Asuka’s assistant but it’s not over yet…

…as the Devilman and Satan are slugging it out in the stratosphere and while Akira Fuudo might be a bit weak compared to Ryo Asuka, he still has the will to fight.

And if it wasn’t enough, the Devilman can augment his abilities by fusing with other devils just to beat the shit out of Satan. I must say that every strike Akira makes would shatter islands with that immense power.

Eventually, the entire planet and the moon are being reduced to mere debris. All the devils and humans are perished by the onslaught they caused.

As for the outcome between Devilman and Satan, well it seems that the former lost the battle as Akira Fuudo was killed by Ryo Asuka, where he felt saddened that he lost his dear friend with his own two hands.

Now, Ryo has lost everything and has no will to use his satanic powers against God…

…as the Lord is about to destroy everything and reconstruct Earth as it was before. Because of this, history might repeat itself where God will remake Earth once the humans and devils are dead. And that’s how DEVILMAN crybaby ended.

Wow, that was a wild ride and I have to say that Masaaki Yuasa and the staff at Science SARU did a great job of adapting a classic manga by Go Nagai where its deranged animation has captured the nightmarish feel of the series.

Yes, it’s not perfect to some people because some changes are made from the manga in order to fit the entire story in just 10 episodes, but it’s not an issue for me as I’ve enjoyed it for better or worse, especially when you have the asshole Ryo Asuka who realized that everything fell apart to him in the end.

Well then, looks like I’m done watching a revival of Go Nagai’s classic series as I’ll leave it here! Speaking of Go Nagai, I feel that I want to see more of his classic works other than Mazinger Z in the future.

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