Sangatsu no Lion Episode #42

Well, seems that Rei Kiriyama is impressed on Hinata Kawamoto’s ideas when it comes to sweets. Come to think of it, I feel that she and her sister Akari will eventually inherit the family business from their grandfather Someji.

Of course, Hina-chan will need to find a high school that she’ll enroll after graduating middle school. After all, it’s important to have a secured future.

Anyways, Rei Kiriyama brought Hinata and Momo Kawamoto to Komahashi High School, Rei’s soon-to-be alma mater should he graduate from high school that is.

Oh yes, both Hina-chan and Momo are greeted by Eisaku Noguchi which the Kawamoto sees him as a teacher rather than a student. Well, Noguchi looks like a teacher judging from his appearance.

But more importantly, he’s here to show something amazing…

In fact, Noguchi and the rest of the shogi science club have built a nagashi-soumen contraption just for this occasion. I mean, it’s summer vacation after all!

As for the girls, they’re very impressed by it! But wait a minute, this nagashi-soumen contraption won’t be complete without the noodles themselves.

Fortunately, their club advisor Takashi Hayashida has arrived with the cooked noodles on hand, ready to drop at the slide at any given time!

However, it appears that Hayashida-sensei froze for a minute when Akari Kawamoto arrived with a box full of chicken tempura. Yup, she’s a beauty even in the summer heat!

And so, the whole shogi science club and the Kawamoto sisters are enjoying a feast of nagashi-soumen and chicken tempura.

Look at these girls, they sure love eating nagashi-soumen and chicken tempura during summer!

Oh yes, and the shogi science club are enjoying too… except for Hayashida-sensei in which he’s missing out on those chicken tempura.

After summer vacation, we moved the clock a bit as we went straight into new year where Hinata Kawamoto is studying for the entrance exams together with Rei Kiriyama.

It turns out that she’ll be enrolling to Komahashi High School, the same school where Rei Kiriyama is spending his high school life there until graduation. Of course, it’ll be tough for Hina-chan to enroll there because it’s a private school, but I’m sure that she’ll pass the entrance exams there.

Oh yeah, it seems that Akari-san wants to emotionally help Hina-chan by giving her something to eat…

Anyways, this is the Kawamoto family’s special udon filled with fried tofu and tempura, a great combination that’ll ease up Hina for the upcoming entrance exams.

And as for the taste, it’s delicious as Hina-chan felt bliss after eating a bowl of udon. Looks like she’s ready to study more!

Oh, and let’s not forget about Rei Kiriyama as he’s stunned that this special udon tastes great. Gotta love Akari’s home cooking!

With that said, there’s two more episodes to go and let’s hope Hinata Kawamoto will pass the entrance exams.

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  1. Karandi says:

    This episode was so sweet and I just loved seeing Hina and Rei studying together. I hope things go well for Hina in the entrance exams.

  2. Ichiya says:

    This is a good episode

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