2017… The end of the Season!

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This post is brought you by Neko Musume from Gegege no Kitaro as I’m currently watching it at the moment. I must say that she looked so mature compared to the 2007 iteration. Of course, don’t make her angry or Neko Musume might destroy you!

Well everyone, I know that it’s late but it’s time to close the 2017 Anime Season with my various picks from April 2017 to March 2018, although I’ll consider some shows that aired from January to June 2018. But man, there are so many great hits during the season that I can’t list all of them.

By the way, I’ve decided not to include the most overhyped anime series in 2017 because I don’t feel that there’s not a single show that’s suitable for that award. Also, I’ve decided to create a separate post on my best picks for anime sequels in 2017. Oh, and my post regarding my final impressions for the rest of the shows aired in Winter 2017 will be delayed because I have some shows that are not yet finished. Look forward to those posts in the future!

01. Best Transition Anime in 2017…
– Little Witch Academia (Winner)

Let’s start with the transition anime cour where Little Witch Academia is hands-down one of the best shows that aired from January to June 2017. Kudos to Studio Trigger for making a fantastic job of turning one of their earlier OVA shows into a magnificent TV series that’s worth watching.

As for BanG Dream, while it’s a promising franchise by Bushiroad, I feel that it felt short for me during its TV run. On the flip side, BanG Dream featured some band groups that are far more popular than Poppin’ Party should you wish to play the smartphone game that is.

02. Best Spring Anime in 2017…
– Sakura Quest (Winner)
– Re:CREATORS (Runner-up)

Now for Spring 2017 as I pick Sakura Quest as the winner. I must say that I love the premise of the show since it takes place in the countryside and I love the characters of this show, especially Yoshino Koharu and her royal court who will do their upmost best to revive the town of Manoyama.

For the runner-up, I chose Re:CREATORS and the reason why I didn’t chose it as the number one show in Spring is because despite the bombastic soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano (which is the only thing that’s good in this show) and the premise of it where various characters from different media have gathered in the real world, I feel that the main antagonist is so damn strong that the only way to defeat the military-clad princess Altair is to lock her up to another dimension with her creator Setsuna Shimazaki.

03. Best Summer Anime in 2017…
– Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (Winner)
– Knight’s and Magic (Runner-up)

For Summer 2017, it’s one of the weaker cours in my opinion as there’s no anime that stood out the most (apart from NEW GAME!! and Symphogear AXZ). However, the decent ones I found is Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e where you have a male protagonist who’s a very cunning bastard despite his boring appearance.

For the runner-up, I chose Knight’s and Magic because I like mecha anime and you have a protagonists who use his knowledge of the genre to create new robot ideas into reality into the parallel world.

04. Best Fall Anime in 2017…
– The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Winner)
– Girls’ Last Tour (Runner-up)

And now, we’ve reached to the biggest cour in 2017 where everyone is showing their big guns to everyone such as Sunrise, Wit Studio, and even WHITE FOX.

Of course, I’ll talk about Love Live! Sunshine in another post later but the biggest show in Fall 2017 is Wit Studio’s adaptation of The Ancient Magus’ Bride as they did a great job adapting the essence and the feel of the manga from chapter to chapter. Even though I didn’t read the source material, it’s nice to see this amazing show in detail, especially when Chise Hatori interacts with various characters including the Thorn Mage Elias Ainsworth.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Last Tour is no slouch either as even though it has a minimalist cast, it’s still a great show due to the stunning scenery and the interaction between Chi-chan and Yuu, despite being set into a post-apocalyptic world.

05. Best Winter Anime in 2017…
– A Place Further Than the Universe (Winner)
– Yuru Camp (Runner-up)

Finally, we’ve reached the last cour of 2017 where it has two anime shows that stood out from the rest, both of them are slice-of-life shows.

The winner for best Winter anime show is A Place Further Than the Universe and really, the staff who made No Game No Life did a great job of creating this anime series where it chronicles the story of four girls growing together as they travel to Antarctica.

Meanwhile, Yuru Camp will take the runner-up spot as I’m surprised to see this Manga Time Kirara title getting so much praise. Sure that it has cute girls camping in various locations across Japan, mostly from Shizuoka or even Nagano, its calm music and various camping tips being shown throughout the series has inspired many viewers to camp outdoors, mostly near Mt. Fuji.

06. Best anime reboot in 2017…
– DEVILMAN crybaby (Winner)
– Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- (Runner-up)

Now let’s move onto the miscellaneous awards as 2017 is the year where dormant anime shows gets a modern remake and I found two TV series that gets this treatment.

However, the most surprising anime reboot in 2017 is none other than the Netflix Original anime series DEVILMAN crybaby where it captures the entire manga story, make it deranged and gruesome that it’s very effective given the dark themes from Go Nagai’s classic series.

As for Kino’s Journey, it’s okay that it gets a decent reboot where it has various stories not seen from the 2003 adaptation, as well as various characters shown apart from Kino and Hermes such as Shizu’s group and Photo. However, I feel that I want more of it since 12 episodes is not enough.

07. Most overlooked anime in 2017…
– Net-juu no Susume (Winner)
– Kabukibu! (Runner-up)

Now for the most overlooked anime in 2017 as I picked Net-juu no Susume as the winner because I love the premise of it where a female lead is trying to recover herself after her resignation… by playing video games. Oh, and fall in love with a gamer too. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the director’s preferences, I feel that this show can relate to various people who are burned out working in various companies.

As for Kabukibu!, I feel that it needs some attention because it’s not just an anime adaptation made by Studio DEEN, it’s because Kabukibu! is a show how awesome the art of kabuki is, which needs some love to millennials apart from old people.

08. Worst anime series in 2017…
– NTR: Netsuzou Trap and Koi to Uso (Co-winners)
– Two Car and Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody (Co Runner-ups)

Now we’re moving closer to the best of the best, but we need to do some trash-talk on one of the worst shows in 2017. Well, there’s two of them that stood out as I present you both Netsuzou Trap and Koi to Uso. Netsuzou Trap is worst because I hate the netorare genre and combining it with a yuri series doesn’t mesh it at all, while Koi to Uso is also worst because there’s are questions left unanswered.

For the runner-ups, SILVER LINK is not doing good with mediocre titles such as Two Car and Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody. Two Car is not that good because I can’t stand the main heroines bickering at each other all the time, while Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody is just boring to watch due to the main character being a goddamn cheater!

09. “So bad, it’s good!” anime series in 2017…
– Pop Team Epic (Winner)
– Animegataris (Runner-up)

Also known as the Anime of the Year, enough said! But seriously, Pop Team Epic is so bad that it’s basically a shitpost in anime form… and it’s a good thing because it shows how funny this series is.

Meanwhile, there’s Animegataris and while it looked like a generic anime show, it features and mocks various tropes found in other titles as well as the anime industry. Of course, don’t go deeper into watching Animegataris or your brain might get hurt.

10. Best overall anime series in 2017…
– The Ancient Magus’ Bride (1st Place)
– Little Witch Academia (2nd Place)
– Sakura Quest (3rd Place)

And now, it’s time to close the 2017 season as I pick the best 3 throughout the season. While I’m impressed on Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia and P.A.Works’ Sakura Quest, I feel that there’s one anime show that stood out for me and it’s none other than Wit Studio’s The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

This is a no-brainer for me as it’s the best anime series that I’ve watched. Sure that Wit Studio is known for their adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin, but watching The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a totally-new experience that I was blown away for how deep this show is.

Special Awards: Best animation company in 2017…
– Wit Studio (Winner)

And speaking of Wit Studio, they sure got a great year for this anime studio as they not only made the second season of Shingeki no Kyoji, but managed to create a stunning adaptation of The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

Oh, and they also did the adaptation of After the Rain which I haven’t watched it during Winter 2017, but I heard that it’s good so I’ll check it out in the future.

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Anyways, let’s end this post with this lovely fanart of both Chise Hatori and Elias Ainsworth. What a way to end the 2017 season!

Of course, there’s still more for the 2017 Anime Season after this post so stay tuned.

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