Cutie Honey Universe Episode #01

Hey everyone, here’s another Go Nagai series in celebration of his 50th anniversary in the manga business as I feature Honey Kisaragi, catholic student by day…

…heroine of justice by night! This is Cutie Honey and it’s another modern iteration of the classic magical girl series, now known as Cutie Honey Universe!

But anyways, Cutie Honey is an android designed by Dr. Kisaragi who has a device that can transform into anything, including the titular heroine of justice herself.

And as you can see, she defeated a member of a notorious organization called Panther Claw who wanted the device inside Cutie Honey and take over the world. Of course, Cutie Honey won’t allow them to do as they pleases.

Speaking of Panther Claw, not only they have hideous monsters that were mutated from ordinary girls, but they don’t get shy on torturing Cutie Honey…

…especially when tearing her clothes up. Yeah, this is one of those shows from Go Nagai where they don’t get shy on fanservice, albeit in a tame manner!

Fortunately, Cutie Honey was saved by an inspector from France named Genet as she shot Breast Claw in the head.

It’s a good thing that Cutie Honey has an ally named Inspector Genet… or is it?

But let’s go back to Cutie Honey as not only her clothes are torn to pieces, but she got trapped by the leader of Panther Claw.

This is Sister Jill, the main antagonist of this show where she wants nothing more than Cutie Honey’s shape-shifting device for world domination.

She maybe sexy, but Sister Jill is the toughest foe that Cutie Honey will face.

Sadly, that’s not her time to fight Sister Jill as Cutie Honey tries to block any attacks from her greatest foe…

…until her clothes are completely destroyed. Well, almost but if this was aired in AT-X, you’ll see everything!

Fortunately, the police force have arrived as Seiji Hayami ordered his fellow policemen to fire against Sister Jill.

However, their bullets have no effect on Sister Jill as she takes her leave by showering white rose petals on them.

So while Cutie Honey has defeated some of the monsters from Panther Claw, she can’t beat Sister Jill with her current strength.

And speaking of Cutie Honey (or should I say Honey Kisaragi), she’s frustrated that she didn’t defeat Sister Jill on this first episode.

On the other hand, I feel that Sister Jill and Inspector Genet are the same person since they have the same voice and stature. But that’s just speculation on my part.

After a night of fighting, Honey Kisaragi returned to her dorm only to find her friend Natsuko Aki being bound to a bed, bruised and battered by Miss Alphonne’s whips.

Um Honey-chan, I think you should untie your friend and tend her wounds.

However, it seems that Honey decides to tickle Nat-chan. Really Honey, that’s not how you treat your friend!

But that’s about it for this first episode of Cutie Honey Universe and while it’s decent, I want to see more of this modern iteration on the next episode!

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