Highschool DxD HERO Episode #00

Well everyone, Highschool DxD HERO begins with a retelling of Highschool DxD BorN’s Episodes 8 and 9. Now, you’ve already watched these two episodes from 3 years ago and it’s satisfying to see Diadora Astaroth getting his ass kicked by Issei Hyoudou.

Of course, Shalba Beelzebub arrived to ruin the party by killing off Asia Argento, which triggered the Juggernaut Drive to dismantle Shalba and end that devil with a Longinus Smasher. Oh and Asia Argento was saved by Vali Lucifer and his friend so it’s all good there, but not for Issei Hyoudou.

So, what will Rias Gremory and the rest of the Occult Research Club will do?

Well, by the power of music as Irina Shidou brought a box where it contains Azazel and Sirzechs Lucifer’s collaborative creation titled “Oppai Dragon”!

Wait, this is different from the 3rd Season I’ve remembered. But hey, this could be interesting!

Anyways, Irina fired up the box where it projects a music video of Issei Hyoudou dancing with the children.

And I must say that it’s glorious to see it, although Ddraig is crying foul that the Oppai Dragon song is playing at the background.

Even Vali and his teammates are baffled to see it, but Bikou found it hilarious that the Oppai Dragon song might actually work.

Then again, seems that Bikou is right as the song did work against Issei as he lost his Juggernaut Drive mode… with the help of Vali Lucifer stopping him of course.

Still, Issei Hyoudou is not yet fully-calmed down so he needs some stimulation.

Enter Rias Gremory as she decides to calm Issei down using her most valuable asset…

…which is obviously her sensitive breasts. And by the way, I’m glad that Passione made it uncensored so thank goodness that we can see uncensored tits throughout this 4th season!

Oh and speaking of Issei Hyoudou, seems that he wants to push Rias’ nipples. C’mon Issei, don’t be shy because you pushed her nipples before so you have to do it for the second time!

And once Issei pushed Rias’ sensitive nipples, his Scale Mail purged and the Red Dragon Emperor is back to normal. To this day, Rias Gremory earned the nickname of “Switch Princess”… as Bikou called her afterwards.

And that sums up Episodes 8 and 9 of the previous season. Scratch that, this is how TNK should animate Volume 6 because honestly, Passione did quite a decent job of animating the final chapters of Volume 6 because it’s very close to the light novel, although the inclusion of the Oppai Dragon song is quite out-of-place in my opinion. On the other hand, I fear that Passione might end up in a same sticky situation as Hoods Entertainment when it comes to handling Märchen Mädchen.

Whatever it is, Passione did their best to faithfully adapt the events from Volume 6 and I feel that they might pull this one off for this 4th season as they’ll adapt both Volumes 9 and 10, apart from retaining nudity throughout the series. Yeah, I’ve started reading the novels after Highschool DxD BorN just to know the difference but man, I can’t wait for the first episode of Highschool DxD HERO…

That’s because another faction from the Khaos Brigade are on their way. Who could this man be? We’ll find that out next time!

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  1. terranceacrow says:

    You know, I’ve always admired this show’s absolute dedication to its ecchi core. Even when Issei is in world destroying mode, he’s still Issei. And I had to laugh at Rias and Akeno’s reaction to the song…

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