Darling in the FranXX Episode #14

Well, seems that Nana and Hachi couldn’t take it anymore after seeing Code:016 “Hiro” almost becoming a klaxosaur. Oh, and he almost got strangled to death by Code:002 “Zero-Two”.

So with that said, they decided that it’s best to separate those two parasites by sending Code:002 “Zero-Two” back to APE.

Meanwhile, here’s Code:016 “Hiro” as he’s finally awake, much to the relief of the Plantation 13’s FranXX Team. C’mon, they’re worried that he might end up getting killed like much how Code:002 “Zero-Two” discarded stamens after they’re done their duty.

Still, he can’t see Code:002 “Zero-Two” because Code:015 “Ichigo” forbid him to do so. Yeah, it’s understandable but I’m worried about Zero-Two…

…as she’s itching to see Hiro again after recovering his memories. C’mon, keeping Zero-Two to her room won’t do any favors as she’ll thrash it until Zero-Two get what she wants.

So, Code:015 “Ichigo” decided to let Code:002 “Zero-Two” see Code:016 “Hiro”, but on one condition that Ichigo and the rest will accompany her.

Unfortunately, seems that Hiro has disappeared as if he escaped the hospital room by himself. Um, that’s not a good omen there!

And because of this, Zero-Two felt betrayed that the likes of Ichigo are lying to her. To be fair, Code:015 “Ichigo” didn’t know that Code:016 “Hiro” got out of his room with nothing more than a knife and a bed sheet.

Anyways, here’s Hiro as he’s back to the hospital after going back to the dormitory, only to find out that it’s empty. Really Hiro, you should have waited to see Zero-Two.

And now, she’s beating the shit out of Hiro’s teammates for lying to her. At least Zero-Two didn’t flat-out kill them on the spot.

Anyways, Hiro reach towards Ichigo to see if she’s okay, all while telling Zero-Two to stay away from him and his team-mates.

Seems that he doesn’t like his team-mates getting strangled to death by Zero-Two anymore. But you know what, it’s Hiro’s fault for leaving the hospital room in the first place.

And so, Code:002 “Zero-Two” left Plantation 13 as she returns to her old ways together with the other 9’s. Yeah, it’s sucks to be this way after that shitstorm happened.

One last thing, seems that Code:015 “Ichigo” has decided to kiss Code:016 “Hiro” again, this time with more feelings as Ichigo finally confessed that she loves him.

Why now, Ichigo? You have Goro as your partner so what you’re doing is actually cheating on him! Seriously, I feel pity towards Code:056 “Goro” now that he’s nothing more than Ichigo’s stamen.

But yeah, this week’s episode closes in a downer fashion. No one is happy after the events from this episode, and what could possibly go wrong when there’s a big mission coming up next week?

So with Code:016 “Hiro” without a FranXX, he’s back to being useless again and even though he’ll get partnered up with Code:015 “Ichigo”, it’s not the same ’cause his aptitude of piloting a FranXX were wiped out thanks to APE after meeting Zero-Two.

Basically, Plantation 13’s FranXX Team is good as dead on the next episode. And really, no one will mourn them because for Papa and the rest of the adults, they’re expendables.

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