Winter 2017: The end of the rest…

This post is brought you by Saint Snow, Ria and Seira Kazuno. Sure that it’s a random picture to close Winter 2017, but I must say that Saint Snow is a great rival to Aqours during the TV run of Love Live! Sunshine!!

Speaking of which, there will be concert featuring them and the sub-units from Aqours at Hakodate so if you’re living in Japan and if you’re one of the lucky ones, please check it out as the Hakodate Unit Carnival will happen from April 27 and 28, 2018. As for me, I might wait for the delayed live viewing.

01. Pop Team Epic

But let’s start with Pop Team Epic and I must say that not only Popuko and Pipimi managed to destroy Takeshobo because they cancelled the manga in the first place, but also destroyed King Records because they’re the ones who brought the anime adaptation in the first place. Sounds weird, right? And because of that, there won’t be another season… unless Shouta Aoi brought King Records back from the dead!

Anyways, I’ve talked this before and I’ll say it again Pop Team Epic is so bad that it’s so damn good to watch because it doesn’t take it seriously, but rather that it’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time because of how absurd this series is, especially when it comes the Bob Team Epic segments and various voice actors/actresses that lend their voice to Popuko and Pipimi. But yeah, it’s a fun ride watching Pop Team Epic!

02. Mitsuboshi Colors

Moving onto Mitsuboshi Colors where the main trio have managed to protect the peace of their town and now they’re sleeping… at the park in a futon. Just kidding about protecting the peace as Kotoha, Yui Akamatsu, and Sat-chan are just having fun all day.

But anyways, I feel that Mitsuboshi Colors is the only decent show that SILVER LINK produced and really, the staff poured some effort on this slice-of-life anime where it was fun watching it, especially when the main trio are spending their childhood days to their upmost best!

03. Gakuen Babysitters

Next up is Gakuen Babysitters where I’m impressed that Brain’s Base did a good job on this show. After all, seeing Ryuuichi Kashima taking care of his baby brother Kotarou and the rest of the kids is so freakin’ cute. Not just Ryuuichi, there are some charming moments like Saikawa-san becoming a babysitter for a day, Taka making amends with his brother Hayato, the list goes on…

With that said, it was a good show not just because it’s cute and all, but because the bond between siblings despite facing hard times is so heart-warming.

04. Osomatsu-san

Finally, it’s time to really close Winter 2017 with Osomatsu-san and much like the first season, it has a serious penultimate episode and everything got thrown out in the corner for the finale, with the Matsuno sextuplets going back to the mortal world after spending their miserable lives in hell in the most hilarious way possible.

Well, I must say that I’ve finally finished the second season and while it has some moments like Sanematsu and Iyami’s friendship with a blind girl, let’s just say that some of the viewers find it as a step-down to the first season. But you know what, I don’t care as long as I’m entertained until the end and I’m gonna miss the Matsuno sextuplets and their friends. One more thing, seems that Fujio Akatsuka appeared on the finale and you know what I’m looking forward after Osomatsu-san? The revival of Tensai Bakabon.

Anyways, let’s end this post with BanG Dream! as the franchise now has 4 more bands in addition to Poppin’ Party, all thanks to the mobile game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! which it recently got an English version after its initial release a year ago. Go check it out if you’re interested, but don’t expect Glitter☆Green to appear on that game because they’re basically Milky Holmes.

But you know what, I feel that this franchise would need to expand like having a net anime series where it’ll feature various bands apart from Poppin’ Party. Oh, and live viewing of their concerts outside Japan which will attract some potential fans.

Now then, back to your regular viewing of the 2018 Anime Season. Of course, there’s the best sequels that I’ve picked during the 2017 Anime Season so look forward to that!

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