Cutie Honey Universe Episode #02

Hey everyone, time for a backstory episode as Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi is about to activate his latest creation…

…which turned out to be Honey, an android who was modeled after his deceased daughter.

With that said, Dr. Kisaragi is filled with joy that his latest creation is finally activated. Um Dr. Kisaragi, give her some clothes before celebrating your achievement.

And so, both he and Honey spent their peaceful lives somewhere in Japan.

Heck, even Dr. Kisaragi his daughter Honey to an all-girls school where she became friends with Natsuko Aki.

Of course, Honey Kisaragi will make some mischief like ditching school away from either her scary dorm manager Miharu Tsuneni or that brute named Naoko.

However, everything changed on that fateful night when Panther Claw stormed inside Dr. Kisaragi’s laboratory where this evil organization wanted to get their hands on his latest creation.

Fortunately, Dr. Kisaragi told Honey to transform into the heroine of love and justice, Cutie Honey, where she defeats most of the goons from Panther Claw.

Unfortunately, Cutie Honey couldn’t save her father where Dr. Kisaragi shielded her from being stabbed by one of Panther Claw’s leaders. Say it ain’t so!

Fueled by anger and sadness, Cutie Honey killed one of Panther Claw’s leaders in one fell swoop. Of course, she won’t get to see her father again now that Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi has died.

However, there’s one final message from the doctor himself as Seiji Hayami led Cutie Honey to a secret room where it contains that said message.

Anyways, Dr. Kisaragi told Honey that her android body contains a special circuit called the Airborne Element Fixing Device, which it can create anything out of thin air at will.

So yeah, Honey Kisaragi has the most powerful device inside her body that the likes of Panther Claw wanted nothing more than to use it for world domination. C’mon, it’s a classic trope after all!

Now let’s go back to the present as Seiji Hayami got caught in an accident and now he’s being visited by his father Danbei and his little brother Junpei.

Just kidding about the accident part as it turns out that Seiji got caught in one of Panther Claw’s traps. Good thing he didn’t die so this inspector is one lucky bastard!

Well, not anymore as Panther Claw send another monster named Fire Claw to finish the job…

…by burning his bed. Sadly for Fire Claw, she didn’t notice that Seiji Hayami was there.

In fact, he uses himself as bait to lure Fire Claw but Seiji and his family won’t be the ones who will finish this goon off.

So, Seiji Hayami let these two lovely ladies do the job as Honey Kisaragi and Inspector Genet will finish Fire Claw off.

Of course, Inspector Genet will just take care of the lesser ones and give some emotional support for Honey Kisaragi. Then again if you’re paying close attention to this show, you’ll know that Inspector Genet might be actually Sister Jill.

With that said, it’s time for Honey to transform into Cutie Honey as she struggled a bit to defeat Fire Claw, but she managed to pull it through thanks to Inspector Genet’s support as she wants Honey to live.

Hmm, I wonder why Inspector Genet wants Cutie Honey to live? Was is because she wants to sexually punish Honey, perhaps? We’ll never know.

And so, Cutie Honey managed to throw Fire Claw in the sky, setting up for the finishing blow…

…which is slashing this goon in half. Oh, and Cutie Honey also cut the moon too for good measure!

And lastly, let’s not forget to wink to the viewers after the battle is over. Of course, there’s still more battles to be fought until Panther Claw is defeated.

But that’s about it for the second episode of Cutie Honey Universe. While Honey Kisaragi won this fight as the heroine of love and justice, she’s worried that her friends might get caught in dangerous situations just because she has a device that can make objects out of nothing. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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