Cutie Honey Universe Episode #04

On this episode, we feature this sensational performer named Misty Honey as the crowd goes wild with her stunning voice.

Heck, even Natsuko Aki are hooked to see Misty. Well actually, the truth is that Misty Honey is one of Honey Kisaragi’s alter-egos and she did it so that Panther Claw will come to her instead of luring Honey in.

Fortunately, it did work somewhat as Misty Honey is surrounded by goons of Panther Claw.

Oh, and it appears that one of the head honchos have arrived as both Tarantula and Tomahawk Panther are here to capture Honey and take out the Airborne Element Fixing Device.

Anyways, Honey transforms from Misty to Cutie Honey as she fights against Tomahawk Panther. Good thing no one got hurt during this fight.

Unfortunately, Tarantula Panther managed to capture Cutie Honey with her sticky web and let her goons take her to one of their hideouts in order to gut the device out.

The problem is that they’re arguing on whether to cut Cutie Honey in half or take out the device safely.

Some like Tomahawk Panther wanted Cutie Honey dead, while others like Tarantula Panther wanted her to live because Sister Jill might turn Cutie Honey into her personal sex slave.

But regardless, it seems that it’s time to perform the operation as one of the doctors made an opening on Cutie Honey’s body.

However, it appears that once they put Honey under the knife, her body started to glow which startled both Tomahawk and Tarantula Panther.

Eventually, they found out that Cutie Honey disappeared in front of their eyes. Man, did Panther Claw learned that the one they captured was a fake? Then again, it’s too little too late to find that out!

However, it appears that one of their goons is acting strangely as he pushed his neck, much like how Honey Kisaragi transforms into Cutie Honey.

Wait, don’t tell me that this goon is actually Cutie Honey?

Well, never mind as both Tarantula and Tomahawk Panther were caught off-guard as Honey transforms into the warrior of love!

Actually, Honey transforms into Armored Honey. Don’t know if that name is official, but having Cutie Honey in armor would be helpful against Tomahawk Panther.

With that said, Armored Honey tries to take on Tomahawk Panther’s spinning blade attack like a tank…

…until Honey throws Tomahawk Panther in the sky. Well, I must say that throwing your opponents in the air much like Musashi Tomoe (and his successor Benkei Kurama) will always works.

Eventually, she transforms into Cutie Honey where she finished Tomahawk Panther off in great fashion.

Well then, looks like Cutie Honey managed to beat one of Panther Claw’s warriors but she’s not out of the woods yet…

Turns out that Honey needs to deal with Scissors Panther and with little energy left, the warrior of love and justice has decided to run away for the time being.

Thus, Honey Kisaragi went to the forest in order to escape from Scissors Panther. Even then, it wasn’t enough as Scissors Panther is very persistent.

That’s until she went to the park where Honey saw a platform there. Hmm, I have a feeling that Honey will transform and blend into the background.

So, Honey Kisaragi turned into a nude bronze statue which fooled Scissors Panther until morning where she finally gave up on her search.

Now that Honey has managed to escape from Scissors Panther, it’s time to transform back into a normal high school girl.

Then again, it appears that Danbei and Junpei Hayami are here at the park as they’re amazed at the bronze statue.

Hell, they even lick Honey as if they’re fondling a real woman’s breasts and buttocks.

Um guys, I think you should stop it at once or you might get branded as horny deviants by other people!

Fortunately, Honey Kisaragi told both Danbei and Junpei Hayami to cut it out. Then again, both of them are scared shit right now because they couldn’t believe that a bronze statue moved and talk, therefore they ran away.

Anyways, I have to say that Honey Kisaragi managed to get away from Panther Claw and not only that, but she defeated Tomahawk Panther so it seems that the evil organization is losing its numbers.

And lastly, here’s Genet or should I say Sister Jill as she heard the news from Tarantula Panther that they failed to take out the Airborne Element Fixing Device from Honey’s body. Then again, Sister Jill will continue to torture Honey in the future until she gives up.

Well, I must say that I love how Honey Kisaragi transforms into various alter-egos apart from Cutie Honey, but it was a close call as her Airborne Element Fixing Device was almost gutted away by Panther Claw. On the other hand, I must say the part where Danbei and Junpei Hayami licking on Honey as a statue was hilarious!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that Honey Kisaragi will show more alter-egos, all while defeating Panther Claw.

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