Cutie Honey Universe Episode #05

Well, I must say that Sister Jill is still obsessed towards Honey Kisaragi, even though she’s operating an evil organization like Panther Claw.

Regardless, she’s still a threat and Honey Kisaragi must defeat Sister Jill and the Panther Claw no matter what.

Now then, here’s Hone- or rather Flash Honey is interviewing the current mayor of Hakohama named Noriko Terada, which she believes that the mayor has some links to Panther Claw.

But you know what, I feel that Noriko Terada is linked to Panther Claw. See that white rose she’s holding? It’s a symbol of Panther Claw where a rose turns red, someone would transform into a stronger and hideous form.

Moving onto the next scene where we have Idol Honey serving up guests with wine inside an airplane. Yes, this is Honey Kisaragi in a different disguise.

On the other hand, here’s Danbei and Junpei Hayami as they’re joined the ride because they expect a resort island full of sexy girls.

Unfortunately, what they got was a warehouse full of weapons where Noriko Terada sells them to high-profile clients, something that both Danbei and Junpei refused to buy one.

By the way, Flash Honey is currently taking pictures at the background because it’ll be a great scoop in the next newspaper issue.

Now then, seems that Noriko Terada found someone who doesn’t want to buy firearms, so she dispatch some goons to take both Danbei and Junpei Hayami out!

Not until Flash Honey shows up as she found enough evidence to arrest Noriko Terada for smuggling firearms in the country, as well as having links to Panther Claw which is very obvious if you look at her goons.

And speaking of Mayor Noriko Terada, looks like she won’t hide her disguise anymore as she transforms into her true form.

This is Iron Shadow and this subordinate to Sister Jill wanted to get noticed by her boss very badly.

Then again, Sister Jill is still obsessed with Honey Kisaragi so she has no time for her subordinates.

Anyways, Iron Shadow will deal with Honey Kisaragi in the most scummiest way possible by sending some mannequins. Oh, and those mannequins were once humans so Honey can’t hurt them!

By the way, those mannequins even crushed the whole Hayami family, although it appears that they’re alive.

Still, the likes of Danbei, Junpei, and Seiji are trapped and they couldn’t get out.

And so, Honey Kisaragi is being tortured by Iron Shadow as she refused to hurt the mannequins.

Even though it looks so hot, it doesn’t look right being whipped by one of Sister Jill’s subordinates… unless you have one of those fetishes.

Now let’s go back to the Hayami family where instead of being scared to death just because they’re being crushed by mannequins, Danbei, Junpei, and even Seiji decides to fondle some tits and asses.

I mean, if they want to die, why not do it in style as they want to fondle a woman’s body before they’re gone.

Then again, Iron Shadow changed her mind as she decides to free the Hayami family from the mannequin.

Well, there goes their time of fondling boobies but you know what, I feel that Iron Shadow made a biggest mistake!

So, Danbei pulled his hidden katana and proceeds to attack Iron Shadow…

…by cutting her antenna which turns ordinary women into mannequins against their will. Well, Iron Shadow won’t like this!

And as you can see, most of the mannequins turned back into humans, which felt a sigh of relief for Honey. I mean, she can’t hurt them after all!

But thanks to Danbei Hayami’s efforts, this gives Honey Kisaragi an opening to transform and defeat one of Sister Jill’s subordinates.

Anyways, this is Circus Honey where she’s here for a stunning performance against Iron Shadow…

…by binding this Panther Claw agent with fire hoops and throwing her in the sky using an elephant. What a humiliating way to beat Iron Shadow.

And to top it all off, here’s Cutie Honey as she cuts Iron Shadow in half which ends in a brightly-colored explosion.

Well, so much for her loyalty towards Sister Jill. But you know what, Sister Jill doesn’t care about her subordinates much since she’s obsessed with Honey Kisaragi.

With that said, Iron Shadow is defeated and most of the guests who wanted to buy firearms are arrested (except for Danbei and Junpei Hayami). Oh, and the kidnapped girls who were transformed into mannequins are rescued.

As for Honey Kisaragi, she’s sad that Inspector Genet didn’t come to her aid. I wonder why?

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and seriously, Sister Jill and her Panther Claw is losing their members as time passes.

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