Highschool DxD HERO Episode #04

Looks like our governor general of the fallen angels is okay, but Azazel almost died there because Cao Cao has the True Longinus spear!

Still, it’s a pain in the ass to deal with the Hero Faction now that they arrived in large quantities.

And what I mean large quantities is that someone summoned a bunch of golems that shoots beams of light, a weakness to devils if they’re not careful.

Anyways, this is the one who summoned those golems using the Annihilation Maker, Leonardo.

While his creations are not perfect, Leonardo has the potential to create dangerous creatures from his mind due to his Longinus.

Fortunately, Irina Shidou will take care of those golems using her angelic powers…

…by throwing halos against them until Leonardo’s creations are destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Hero Factions has female members and while I want a certain heroine from the Hundred Years’ War to appear, it seems that Issei Hyoudou will keep him busy on defeating them.

Using the combination of Pailingual and Dress Break, Issei will defeat these heroines easily…

…by stripping them naked of course. Well, seems that Kunou won’t like this as she Red Dragon Emperor a worst sexual deviant. It can’t be help then, but at least Issei is not a goddamn asshole towards women.

Anyways, let’s introduce another hero named Siegfried and he was once a member of the church, but “Chaos Edge” Sieg got exiled and decided to join Cao Cao’s faction instead.

Now then, Xenovia attacked Siegfried but she failed to defeat this former exorcist because Sieg has two swords, Gram and Nothung.

Scratch that, let’s make it three when “Chaos Edge” Sieg holds another sword called Balmung.

Of course, holding 3 swords has made it possible with his Sacred Gear called Twice Critical, although Sieg says that he haven’t achieve Balance Breaker yet so I’ll be scared if he has 4 or more arms.

Let’s go back to Azazel where he dons his dragon armor for this occasion. Man, I haven’t seen him wearing the Down Fall Dragon Another Armor since Highschool DxD NEW when he defeated Katarea.

But anyways, seems that Cao Cao can still hold himself against the combined strength of Azazel’s fallen angel abilities and Fafnir’s powers.

Well, looks like Azazel will have a hard time dealing with this runt from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Suddenly, it appears that their fight got interrupted when a large golem-like monster appeared out of nowhere, some say that it was originally sealed in another dimension.

Hell, even Azazel and Cao Cao are baffled that Gogmagog has arrived to ruin their party. Now then, who’s controlling this giant creature?

Why it’s none other than Le Fay Pendragon from Vali’s team as she’s here to see Issei Hyoudou because Le Fay is actually a fan of the Oppai Dragon.

In fact, Le Fay wants to shake Issei’s hand which makes her very happy as if she doesn’t give a damn about the Hero Faction. Then again, bringing Gogmagog during this crucial battle is somewhat unnecessary. But hey, it breaks the deadlock when the Occult Research Club needed the most!

By the way, both Le Fay and Arthur Pendragon were once members of the Hero Faction. But by unknown circumstances, they decided to join Vali Lucifer instead.

And lastly, here’s Rossweisse as she’s currently in a tipsy fit of rage for leaving her behind. Um Rossweisse, I think you should stay at the hotel if you’re getting a hangover!

However, Rossweisse’s drunken wrath has caused her to summon lots of magic to destroy the Hero Faction, which is nice coming from the valkyrie teacher.

Unfortunately, Georg managed to absorb most of Rossweisse’s magic so her soberness didn’t help much at all. Damn, the Hero Faction is stronger than I thought!

Anyways, seems that Cao Cao and his fellow heroes will take their leave, but the Hero Faction will see them again when they’ll use Yasaka for their experiment at Nijo Castle, something that Kunou won’t allow her mother to be sacrificed by those evil-doers.

But seriously though, Cao Cao and the Hero Faction aren’t doing heroic things where they want to show that humans can rival against angels, devils, and even gods for that matter. Then again, the Hero Faction will be struck by divine lightning if the God of the Bible is alive.

Still, Issei Hyoudou and the rest will need to save Yasaka before the Hero Faction do something horrible to Kunou’s mother.

Meanwhile, here’s Azazel as he got this strange crystal ball from one of the molesters and explained that this molester was attracted by Ddraig’s powers, therefore he grabbed boobies along the way before that assailant got apprehended.

Furthermore, Ddraig added that this ball is related to Issei’s powers which holds the key to unlocking more of his latent abilities, which means that it somewhat passed it from person to person until Azazel took it and show this ball to Issei-kun.

As for Issei, seems that he felt that his perverted thoughts has influenced some people. But hey, at least Azazel gave you the keys to unlocking your power after apprehending one of the molesters that holds it.

Now then, it’s time for the assault at Nijo Castle and while the student council will defend the hotel, the Occult Research Club and Genshiro Saji will storm through the castle and rescue Yasaka, although they need to gather in one spot first as Georg simply separated them using Dimension Lost.

As Issei prepares to storm the castle, he promised Kunou that he’ll rescue her mother no matter what. Well, I must say that he acts like a proper hero instead of Cao Cao and his faction.

Suddenly, this guy appeared out of nowhere as he challenged Issei Hyoudou for a re-match, even though the Red Dragon Emperor doesn’t remember him much.

By the way, the Occult Research Club previously defeated this Flame Shake Possessor, but let’s just say that this guy won’t be the same as last time…

…as the Flame Shake Possessor engulf his body with shadow flames, forming a suit which grants him more power.

Anyways, this Flame Shake Possessor has achieved Balance Breaker through forceful means and he’s not gonna receive a curb-stomping from the Red Dragon Emperor.

In fact, Issei Hyoudou is having a hard time taking this Flame Shake Possessor down using his fists. I have to say that he’s like punching through thin air.

Oh and Issei Hyoudou got trapped by the Flame Shake Possessor, which is bad for him since time is running out.

Will the Red Dragon Emperor managed to beat this shadow flame hero and join his fellow Occult Research Club members? Find out next time on Drag- I mean Highschool DxD HERO!

Now then, I have to say that this week’s episode is very intense with the introduction of the Hero Faction, and I can’t wait for next week.

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