Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Episodes #13 – #18

“Do you want to battle with me?”

Well, it’s been a long time but after some procrastination, I’ve started watching the 2nd half of Lostorage WIXOSS, also known as Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS, where Kiyoi Mizushima is the protagonist.

Originally, she was a Selector to begin with, then turn into a LRIG, and went back as a Selector after the Selector Infected/Spread WIXOSS is over.

And here’s Suzuko Homura as she’s supposed to have a normal life after defeating Kou Satomi, but let’s just say that she only destroyed Kou’s original soul as his LRIG Carnival took over his body.

Unfortunately for Suzuko, she can’t help Kiyoi because she has to take care of Chinatsu Morikawa, which Mel takes over Chi-chan’s body. Well, Kiyoi understands that so she let Suzuko go…

…and instead went to Ruko Kominato, who is the previous protagonist of Selector Infected/Spread/Destructed WIXOSS and unfortunately, Ruko doesn’t want to participate in battles anymore.

That’s because she has Tama-chan to take care of. Yeah, isn’t it nice that they live together as normal girls?

Now then, let’s briefly talk about Kiyoi Mizushima’s backstory and you’ll probably remember her time as Akira Aoi’s LRIG Piruluk. But after Aki-lucky losing like a scrub, Piruluk went a new Selector named Amika Hashimoto who resembled her dear friend Ayumi Sakaguchi.

Well, this back-story was adapted from a manga called Selector Incited WIXOSS -peeping analyze- and while I’ve previously talked about it during Lostorage Incited WIXOSS, it’s nice to see J.C.Staff adapted the side-story manga but it would be nice if they created an OVA for it.

But let’s jump into the climax of this back-story as both Piruluk and Amika Hashimoto challenged Kiyoi Mizushima, which Remember took over her body and killed Ayumi Sakaguchi by “accidentally” take out the life-support system.

Yeah, I must say that Remember is a scumbag, much like how Carnival and Ulith did to everyone because it’s fun to stomp people’s hearts!

However, Piruluk managed to outwit Remember through sheer gambit, changing Amika Hashimoto’s wish from letting her mother live to let her die.

Piruluk lost the battle but the good part is not only Amika’s inverted wish has come true by letting her mother live, but Piruluk has managed to return to her original body as punishment by Mayu. As Remember, we never heard from her ever since…

Now let’s go back to the present as speak of the devil, Akira Aoi is back with her original LRIG Milulun. Unlike before, Aki-lucky has changed a bit…

…which meant that Piri- Or rather Kiyoi’s strategies won’t work anymore as Akira can counter the Peeping ability.

However, there’s a new gameplay mechanic in which Selectors can bet their coins to unlock a Key Card. What does a Key Card do?

Well, we’re about to find out as Piruluk will witness something that’ll really change the game.

Turns out that Selectors can become LRIGs as Kiyoi Mizushima returns as the old Piruluk. Goddamn, this BATTORU is getting more insane!

And so, Kiyoi Mizushima defeated her former Selector Akira Aoi easily. Oh, and there’s more after this battle because the winner will capture the loser’s LRIG.

Yeah, this BATTORU got higher stakes this time in addition to the Selector’s memories.

Now let’s move onto re-introducing old characters as we have Hitoe Uemura. Yes, she’s living a normal life with her friends but she’ll be forced to BATTORU again…

…when Hitoe encountered Layla who’s possessing one of the Selector’s body. This is where things get weird as Layla doesn’t have a LRIG in her possession, so what she’ll do?

By using a Key Card to become a LRIG herself. This LRIG might be a little bit insane, but she’ll be important later on.

For now, Layla defeated Hitoe which she took Midoriko away. Poor Hitoe, it seems that this show loves to torment her a lot!

And now we have the return of Kou Satomi or should I say Carnival as s/he wants to do some BATTORU… because it’s fun!

So his first opponent will be none other than Hanna Mikage as she returned to the Selector battles once again. And really, fighting against Kou Satomi is very hard…

…especially when he has two LRIGs, although you’ll probably remember Aaya than Guzuko.

In any case, Aaya’s cloning powers can use a fellow LRIG like Guzuko, which transformed into a freakin’ magical girl!

Sadly for Hanna Mikage, her return as a Selector is short-lived as she was defeated. which meant that Nanashi is now in Carnival’s possession.

Of course, there’s more Selectors who are returning to do BATTORU once again…

Case in point, it’s Suzuko Homura as she’s forced to fight once again as a Selector.

And look, it’s Ril as she returned too. Hmm, I wonder if Chinatsu Morikawa has returned as well?

Meanwhile, we have Yuzuki Kurebayashi as she also returned as a Selector. And yes, she has Hanayo but unfortunately for Yuzuki, she’ll have her triumphant return cut short…

In fact, Layla defeated Yuzuki which not only she lost Hanayo, but the worst of all is that she was captured too.

Damn, Layla is very dangerous that I feel that she’s motivated on defeating Carnival.

Oh yes, let’s talk about Chinatsu Morikawa as she not only return as a Selector, but Mel is back which she still holds the memories of the original Chi-chan.

Of course, Suzuko doesn’t want her friend to participate in Selector battles anymore since they suffered enough already.

However, it appears that Kou Satomi wants Chi-chan to join the BATTORU much like old times. Seriously, fighting against Kou (or even Carnival) is a trap.

That’s until Kiyoi Mizushima arrived to rescue Chinatsu from Carnival. Oh, and Shouhei Shirai is here to protect Chi-chan, although he’s under the control of the LRIG Donna as Shou-kun’s original soul was erased.

However, we got a sudden change as Kiyoi Mizushima got something important… at the expense of Shouhei Shirai as he disappeared once this card has arrived…

That’s because Donna has returned to WIXOSS as a LRIG and she’s lending Kiyoi her powers to stop Carnival.

Now that Kiyoi has 2 LRIGs at her disposal, it’s time to challenge Kou or rather Carnival.

However, it appears that stopping Carnival is still difficult as having both Piriluk and Donna is not enough.

So, the only chance to win against Carnival is to become a LRIG herself. Well, it’s the only way to stop Carnival from harming girls through BATTORU.

But this poses another rule where Selectors can only allow up to 2 LRIGs at play. This means that Kiyoi will need to replace Donna with herself.

But not for Carnival however as she’s not only can become a LRIG in play, but she’s joined by both Aaya and Guzuko at her side. This means that Carnival is a goddamn cheater where she always wins no matter what!

And so, Carnival proceeds to destroy Kiyoi Mizushima and her LRIG Piruluk. However, it wasn’t a complete decimation as Carnival was interrupted by someone else.

Hmm, come to think of it, I wonder what the hell that LRIG is planning to do other than tormenting Selectors?

In any case, Kiyoi Mizushima is safe from harm as she retained both Donna and Piruluk.

I must say that it was a close call and had the match went smoothly without interruption, Kiyoi might become a goner.

With that said, here’s Suzuko Homura as she felt relieved that Chi-chan didn’t participate any of the Selector battles.

Of course, Suzuko is still worried that Chinatsu might get targeted again so she asked Morikawa to lend Mil to her. This means that Suzuko will have to beat Chi-chan in order to get her LRIG, but this is for the best as Suzuko will try to win more battles in order to regain Chinatsu’s lost memory… if it is possible.

And lastly, seems that Hitoe Uemura couldn’t hide the BATTORU anymore as she told Ruko Kominato that Yuzuki Kurebayashi got taken away.

Then again, returning to WIXOSS will haunt Ruko again and even if she return, Ruko doesn’t have a LRIG unless she becomes one herself.

That’s until Tama decided to help Ru-chan once again as she’ll return as a LRIG and stop the BATTORU from going out of control. Now the only thing’s missing is both Iona and even Chiyori.

Well, that was a crazy turn of events from the first 6 episodes of Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS. With the stakes are higher, having both Layla and Carnival as enemies would be a pain to the remaining Selectors since they want to torment them much like Ulith. Speaking of Ulith, I wonder if she’ll return too? Hell, the possibility of Mayu returning might be higher!

Anyways, I’m done ranting about the first 6 episodes of the 2nd half as I’m looking forward for the next episode.

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