Highschool DxD HERO Episode #05

Uh oh, looks like Issei Hyoudou is about to go down by this Flame Shake Possessor! I mean, he’s currently in Balance Breaker mode and he’s not some weakling hero anymore.

Not on his dead body though as Issei managed to escape before he’ll become a goner. C’mon, the Red Dragon Emperor won’t lose!

But anyways, the Red Dragon Emperor used his dragon fire to burn the shadow flame user until he’s almost turned into a crisp.

While I must say that even though he has some good reasons like being ostracized due to his Sacred Gear, the Flame Shake Possessor still committed crimes despite acting like a hero to humanity.

Now then, the Occult Research Club have managed to arrive at Nijo Castle where Cao Cao and his Hero Faction are here for their greatest experiment…

…using Yasaka as their guinea pig, something that Kunou won’t like it. And what will the Hero Faction do to her?

Well, here’s Georg as he used all magic spells to turn Yasaka from a hot-smoking mother…

…into this monstrous nine-tailed fox. Yes, it’s the legendary kyuubi and Cao Cao will use it to lure Great Red in, so that Ophis can get back to her dimension.

I have to say that the Khaos Brigade might have different factions, they’re related to one dragon god.

Luckily, here’s Genshiro Saji as he’ll take care of Yasaka by using Vritra, the prison dragon. All he needs to do is to unlock Vritia’s limiters and Saji will transform into the prison dragon himself.

This is Vritra Promotion as he used all 4 Sacred Gears in his possession, not just his Absorption Line.

Let’s hope that he’ll stop Yasaka but the problem is that if Genshiro Saji loses control of Vritra, the Occult Research Club are in trouble!

Meanwhile, looks like Xenovia Quarta got her Durandal back from the church, now with more improvements like adding Excalibur into the mix which Xenovia calls it as “Ex-Durandal”.

With one big swing, Xenovia destroyed not only the entire Hero Faction, but also Nijo Castle. Um Xenovia Quarta, Rias Gremory won’t like this!

In any case, Xenovia was satisfied that Ex-Durandal worked perfectly, much to Issei’s annoyance as Rias-sempai stated that they shouldn’t destroy buildings and other important places in Kyoto.

Oh well, at least the Hero Faction are finally defeated thanks to Xenovia’s Captain Sword-like attack.

Scratch that, seems that they managed to bury themselves to safely as Cao Cao and the rest will pay them back in full!

Let’s start with Siegfried as he activates his Balance Breaker mode called Chaos Edge Asura Ravage.

While he only has one Twice Critical arm on the previous episode, Sieg now has 4 Twice Critical arms which he can hold more sword like Tyrfing and Dáinsleif.

Fortunately, Xenovia Quarta’s Ex-Durandal can split itself into two holy sword, namely Excalibur and Durandal. With Yuuto Kiba on her side, seems that they’ll put up a match against Siegfried.

Next up is Jeanne (based on Joan of Arc) who not only has Yuuto Kiba’s Blade Blacksmith, but she has another trick of her sleeve…

…by summoning a holy dragon made of blades called Stake Victim Dragon. Well, this ain’t good for Irina Shidou despite being an angel!

And lastly we have Heracles as he activates his Balance Breaker mode called Detonation Mighty Comet. Basically, his punches (or should I say rocket punches) makes it explode!

This will be problematic to Rossweisse as she might be a Valkyrie with knowledge of Norse magic, but she’s no match against Heracles when it comes to brute strength.

Now let’s move onto the battle between the Red Dragon Emperor and Cao Cao as both fighters are strong.

Of course, given that Cao Cao has the True Longinus Spear, Issei Hyoudou didn’t stand a chance as the spear can kill him if he’s not careful.

Luckily, he has a spare Phoenix Tears to heal his wounds, although the stock is limited so the Occult Research Club can only have one vial.

But that’s enough for Issei Hyoudou to heal his wounded abdomen and coupled with Asia Argento’s healing powers, the Red Dragon Emperor is back to normal.

As for Cao Cao, he mocks Issei Hyoudou like asking him if he’s scared of dying. Sure that a devil will be scared if they got stabbed by a spear, but Issei is not a quitter until he gave a punch towards Cao Cao.

Fortunately, Issei Hyoudou will have his chance as he pulled his Ascalon blade…

…and cut Cao Cao’s left arm. Well, looks like he can’t use his True Longinus Spear when one of his arms is broken off.

Until Cao Cao brought a vial of Phoenix Tears which his faction smuggled it from the black market.

By the way, the Phoenix Tears are valuable from the Phenex family, so getting one illegally will trigger them, especially Ravel Phenex.

In any case, he’ll use the Phoenix Tears on his broken left arm as a glue…

…and put it back as normal. So yeah, Issei’s efforts are all for naught once Cao Cao attached his left arm.

And speaking of Issei Hyoudou, looks like his Scale Mail was damaged as Cao Cao unexpectedly cut it like a hot knife through butter!

And to make matters worse, most of Issei’s allies were put out to commission by the rest of the Hero Faction.

Well, that’s not good coming from the Occult Research Club!

So at this point, Issei Hyoudou couldn’t do anything but watch as the Hero Faction is about to finish their experiment.

Yeah, this is frustrating as he experienced it before, from being defeated by Riser Phenex to losing Asia Argento at the hands of Shalba Beelzebub. But you know what, I think that he’ll overcome it.

That’s until Elsha told Issei to use the orb from the previous episode to unlock the box that’ll open his potential powers.

C’mon, he needs it ’cause Issei Hyoudou is the Oppai Dragon!

Anyways, Issei used the orb which summoned a bunch of people who wanted to grab boobies. Hmm, they act like oppai zombies to me!

After summoning those booby gropers, they form a giant magic circle which Elsha urge Issei to summon his greatest love of all. You’ve probably know it!

And so, Issei Hyoudou chants the only spell that’ll unlock his potential “Summon, boobies!”

After Issei finished his chant, the magic circle opened a portal which will summon the greatest breasts that Issei can fondle. Who is that person who wields those breasts which will unlock his powers?

Why it’s none other than Rias Gremory of course, wearing her lingerie after a hard day’s work of dealing with the Old Satan Faction remnants.

So, will Issei push Rias’ nipples again to unlock his hidden potential? Find out next time on Highschool DxD HERO!

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