Highschool DxD HERO Episode #06

Well everyone, looks like Cao Cao and the Hero Faction are dazed and confused now that Rias Gremory is summoned in Kyoto.

Meanwhile, Elsha told Issei Hyoudou to push Rias’ nipples much like how he did it to unlock his Balance Breaker. C’mon, that’s the only way to unlock his potential!

And speaking of Rias’ tits, did you know that it’s glowing. You know that she’s begging for Issei to push it!

And so, Issei Hyoudou prepares to push Rias Gremory’s glowing breasts in hopes that it’ll unlock his next level of power without resorting to using Juggernaut Drive.

And as you can see, Issei managed to push Rias’ nipples that she just came after being summoned in Kyoto. As expected from the Switch Princess!

Now then, Rias Gremory returns to Tokyo after her sensitive tits are pushed by the Red Dragon Emperor.

And as for the Red Dragon Emperor, seems that his body is getting a sudden change after pushing Rias’ tits. But you know what, it was Elsha and Belzard’s idea to let Issei unlock his powers by pushing someone’s nipples.

Hell, even Belzard suggested to Issei to do it much like with the Oppai Dragon song. “Zoom-Zoom Iyaan~!”, indeed!

Now let’s go back to what’s happening right now as Cao Cao and the Hero Faction are stunned that the Red Dragon Emperor has transformed into another form. Guess what his first form is?

Why it’s none than the Welsh Blaster Bishop form which was briefly featured in Highschool DxD BorN Ep. 12, but now it makes its official debut.

And damn, get a load of how powerful the Welsh Blaster Bishop form is.

Basically, this form fires a powerful Dragon Blaster which it could warp the space-time continuum in addition to clearing mountains and such.

Oh wait, there’s more because Issei Hyoudou has another form called Welsh Sonic Boost Knight which he purge his armor to increase his speed and agility.

So when the Red Dragon Emperor purged his bulky armor, he makes a beeline towards Cao Cao for a devastating tackle. Well, that’s what he get for mocking Issei Hyoudou earlier.

Of course, we’re not done yet as we have the Welsh Draconic Rook form, which bulk up the Scale Mail armor to its extremes at the cost of speed that it resembles like Big O or the Hulkbuster.

But anyways, Issei Hyoudou delivered a Solid Impact punch towards Cao Cao that he’s sent flying to the ground.

Well guys and girls, that’s how the Red Dragon Emperor got his new powers and show it towards Cao Cao, which he called it as Illegal Move Triaina.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Hero Faction has won as the dimension gate has opened to summon Great Red. Well, it was a wonderful failure for the Occult Research Club!

Nah just kidding, it seems that instead of Great Red appearing in Kyoto, we have one of the Great Dragon Kings named Yu-Long arriving at the old capital.

Looks like the Hero Faction’s plans have backfired as they expect Great Red to arrive from the dimensional gap.

Also, Yu-Long brought a guest named Sun Wukong who doesn’t like Cao Cao’s actions in Kyoto that he’s here to punish him and his friends.

Oh, and don’t let this old man fool you as Sun Wukong is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Heck, he even managed to defeat Siegfried using his Ruyi Jingu Bang with little to no effort. Now then, where’s Yu-Long?

Oh, it seems that he’s helping Vritra on stopping the nine-tailed fox from destroying the old capital. Well, at least this situation is now under control!

Of course, Issei wants to give something to Cao Cao after being humiliated in the previous episode with a Dragon Blaster.

And as you can see, the Red Dragon Emperor managed to fire his Dragon Blaster, straight at Cao Cao’s face and nicking his right eye.

For Cao Cao, he doesn’t like getting hit to the face that he decides to unleash the true power of the Longinus Spear.

However, Siegfried told him to stop and decided to make their retreat for the time being. After all, they failed to summon Great Red and Leonardo’s Dimension Lost is at its limit.

In any case, the Hero Faction lost this fight as Cao Cao told Issei Hyoudou to get stronger the next time they meet again.

Now that Cao Cao and his friends are out of the picture for the time being, it’s time to deal with Yasaka as she still stuck in her nine-tailed fox form.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to that as Issei used Pailingual to connect Kunou’s thoughts to Yasaka through her tits.

And if it wasn’t enough, Sun Wukong helped the Red Dragon Emperor by amplifying the effectiveness of the Pailingual technique.

Fortunately, it works as Yasaka regained her senses and talked to her daughter Kunou as normal.

Eventually, Yasaka returned to her humanoid form thanks in part with both Issei Hyoudou and Sun Wukong’s combined powers.

And as you can see, Kunou is delighted that her mother has returned to normal where she promised that she’ll be a good girl to everybody.

Well everyone, it looks like the battle in Kyoto is officially over now that the leader of the youkai is finally rescued.

As for their school trip, it went smoothly afterwards. But now, Issei Hyoudou and his friends will now return to Tokyo after a memorable school trip.

Of course, Issei is looking forward to see Kunou and Yasaka again in the near future. Speaking of Yasaka, Issei haven’t touched her breasts as a reward for rescuing her.

Well, that’s a shame coming from the Red Dragon Emperor but you know what, he has plenty of tits to fondle like Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Xenovia Quarta, etc.

Back at the Hyoudou Residence, looks like Azazel got some great news as Ravel Phenex will be transferring to Kuoh Academy during the school festival.

Also, he told Issei that Kunou will grow up to be like her mother Yasaka. I mean, she’s still growing after all, especially her breasts.

That doesn’t suit well for Koneko Toujou as for one, she’s annoyed that Kunou will turn into a fine bustier lady in a few years and two, she hates Ravel because cats love to prey on birds.

Regardless, it’s great to see Ravel Phenex again after Highschool DxD Ep. 13! Then again, I wonder if her brother will return too?

Lastly, here’s Seekvaira Agares as she told a certain high-class devil that the Red Dragon Emperor has gained a new power during his school trip in Kyoto. Guess who she’s talking to?

Why it’s none other than Sairaorg Bael as he’s looking forward to fight Issei Hyoudou in an official rating game now that he became stronger than before.

In any case, it was a fun school trip for the Occult Research Club and seriously, kudos to Passione for adapting the contents from Volume 9. So far, the first arc looks good and man, Cao Cao and the Hero Faction are a pain in the ass to deal with even if Xenovia Quarta upgraded her Durandal sword. Fortunately, the part where Issei Hyoudou pushed Rias Gremory’s glowing nipples which lead to his Illegal Move Triaina upgrade is pure orgasm.

Now that we’re done with the first half of Highschool DxD HERO, it’s time to prepare ourselves with the second half as not only we’ll see Ravel Phenex again, but we’ll witness the eventual rating game between Sairaorg Bael and his peerage against the Occult Research Club!

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