Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode #08

On this episode, we have Lord Maximillian Castrop who is the son of the late finance minster Eugen Castrop. Now, he and his fleet are leading a rebellion against the Galactic Empire.

With its 10,000 ships at Lord Maximillian’s disposal, who will be the one to stop this man and reclaim the planet Castrop before it breaks off from the Empire? Well, there’s one man for the job.

Why it’s none other than Rear Admiral Siegfried Kircheis and his fleet of 5,000 ships. Accompanied by Captains Volker Axel von Bülow and Hans Eduard Bergengrün, Kircheis’ fleet is outnumbered if you consider that Maximillian’s fleet is 5,000 ships more.

However, Rear Admiral Kircheis will show that in the heat of battle and with an overwhelming disadvantage, he’ll find a way to defeat a tough enemy.

So, Rear Admiral Kircheis told his fleet to keep their ship defenses while his flagship Barbarossa will teleport in front of Lord Maximillian’s flagship.

Hmm, I wonder what his intention after telling his fleet not to attack the enemy?

But anyways, Rear Admiral Siegfried Kircheis told Lord Maximillian Castrop to surrender as he and his fleet are not here to shed more blood. In fact, Kircheis’ 5,000 strong fleet didn’t destroy an enemy ship.

Unfortunately for Lord Castrop, he won’t buy Rear Admiral Kircheis’ suggestion to surrender as he order everyone to fire at his flagship.

If not, he’ll resort to violence as you can see here where Lord Castrop punched a subordinate. That’s not how you treat them, Lord Maximillian Castrop!

Suddenly, most of his subordinates are fed up with Lord Maximillian Castrop’s mistreatment that they decided to rebel against their master.

And as it shows, they simply fired their laser gun at Lord Castrop because they hated him. Well, seems that Rear Admiral Kircheis won’t have to deal with further bloodshed anymore.

In the end, Lord Maximillian Castrop was killed by his subordinates who are willing to become prisoners of war should Rear Admiral Siegfried Kircheis and his men treat them better.

Don’t worry though, it’s not like he’ll torture them because for one, he didn’t sank one enemy ship!

As for Rear Admiral Kircheis, he managed to reclaim the planet in just 10 days, earning a promotion as vice admiral. Well, I must say that Fleet Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm is delighted that his childhood friend earned a promotion.

Now, the only thing left to do is to handle the fallout of losing their fortress at the Iserlohn Corridor and the only person who’ll get the blame is Captain Paul von Oberstein.

And here’s the captain himself as he’s now facing trial for desertion. But before he face the kangaroo court, Captain Oberstein went to see both Fleet Admiral Lohengramm and Rear Admiral Kircheis for a personal talk.

This is gonna be serious as Captain Paul von Oberstein wants to discuss about the Goldenbaum Dynasty and the future of the Galactic Empire.

So when Captain Oberstein told them in private that he hated Kaiser Rudolf von Goldenbaum and his descendants that he wants the dynasty to crumble, Fleet Admiral Lohengramm accused him of usurping the Empire that he ordered Rear Admiral Kircheis to shoot him.

But then again, Fleet Admiral Lohengramm has some second thoughts when he learned that the reason why Iserlohn Fortress fell into the Alliance’s hands is because Admiral Thoma von Stockhausen got caught in a trap and was imprisoned while Admiral Hans Dietrich von Seeckt died because of his stupidity to charge towards the fortress and taking the Thor Hammer straight to his face.

Basically, Captain Oberstein did nothing wrong and thus Fleet Admiral Lohengramm pleaded Kaiser Friedrich von Goldenbaum IV to give him immunity and transfer the captain to his mansion as part of his fleet. Oh, and he also plead to the Kaiser to reinstate Military Chief of Staff Ehrenberg, Chief of Headquarters Steinhof, and Space Fleet Chief Commander Mückenberger as they don’t held any responsibility for the loss of the fortress.

Speaking of Kaiser Friedrich von Goldenbaum IV, he’s aware that he’s giving Count Reinhard von Lohengramm some preferable treatment because of his sister (and his concubine) Annerose von Grünewald.

In fact, Kaiser Friedrich IV thinks that Count Lohengramm might usurp the throne, which will end the Goldenbaum Dynasty after many years of ruling the Galactic Empire.

For Prime Minister Klaus von Lichtenlade, hearing the Kaiser’s words that the Goldenbaum Dynasty will end is a shocker to him. After all, nothing lasts forever for this dynasty.

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode and while Captain Paul von Oberstein is safe for now, Fleet Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm will have to keep an eye on him if Captain Oberstein is plotting something that’ll endanger him or his allies. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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