Cutie Honey Universe Episode #06

On this episode, looks like Panther Claw had enough of luring Honey Kisaragi in one of their heists, so they decided to fly to St. Chapel School where Dragon Panther will commence the attack…

…by bombarding the entire school with roses which are deadly to the touch. Forget conventional bombs, red rose bombs are the new black!

In any case, Honey Kisaragi and her classmates will have to flee from their school or they’ll get caught in Panther Claw’s rose bombs!

However, the worse is yet to come for Honey and her classmates…

…when they encounter Snake Panther as she’s eager to torture Honey Kisaragi and her friends until our protagonist gave the Airborne Element Fixing Device to her.

Not on her watch as Honey transforms into the heroine of love and justice and proceeds to protect Natsuko Aki from Snake Panther’s attacks.

And if it wasn’t enough, Cutie Honey transforms Nat-chan into a rock so that she won’t get detected by Panther Claw. What a clever idea from Cutie Honey!

Of course, Cutie Honey won’t hide against Sister Jill as she appeared in front of her with the moon basking at Jill’s monstrous beauty.

And seriously, Sister Jill wants Honey to be her eternal slave.

Then again, it’s not like Cutie Honey will surrender herself as she decides to fight against Sister Jill.

But despite her brave efforts, Sister Jill is no match for Cutie Honey as the leader of Panther Claw managed to deflect her signature move.

Oh, and she shreds Cutie Honey’s costume because c’mon, this is a Go Nagai series where it needs some shameless fanservice!

Anyways, Cutie Honey goes down yet again as she got out from another dimension and landed to a tree, bare naked.

Well, seems that Honey needs to become stronger if she wants to defeat Sister Jill and Panther Claw. But more importantly, she needs to save herself first.

Oh, and her friend Natsuko Aki too as she got out from her rock disguise and decides to become the decoy for Honey to escape from Panther Claw.

Then again, Nat-chan might get herself killed by Panther Claw’s goons. Dammit Natsuko, don’t you dare die on Honey Kisaragi!

Luckily, Naoko Sukeban is here to rescue both Honey Kisaragi and Natsuko Aki as Naoko grabs them and run as fast as she can.

That’s until Naoko stopped at a cliff in which they’re stuck between Panther Claw and a hard place.

Speaking of Panther Claw, it’s Snake Panther as she’s here again to kill all of them and steal the Airborne Element Fixing Device from Honey’s corpse.

And the only way to do that is to drop a rose bomb on them. Luckily, Naoko Sukeban steps in to grab the bomb…

…and kick both Honey Kisaragi and Natsuko Aki towards the cliff. Well, this is the only way to save them but more importantly, is Naoko gonna tank the bomb by herself.

Why yes it is as the bomb exploded into this beautiful red rose. Say it ain’t so, Naoko Sukeban!

Meanwhile, here’s Sister Jill as she asked Snake Panther on Honey’s whereabouts. However, Snake Panther told her boss that Cutie Honey is obliterated.

Uh-oh, seems that Sister Jill won’t like that answer coming from one of her subordinates!

So when she learned about Honey getting caught by the ensuing blast, Sister Jill shows no mercy against Snake Panther as the leader of Panther Claw strangles her to death!

Eventually, Sister Jill controlled Snake Panther’s tentacles which she use it to pierce this naughty subordinate to the heart.

Well, seems that Snake Panther has met its end that Tarantula Panther looked away as Sister Jill murdered one of her subordinates for killing Cutie Honey.

Speaking of Cutie Honey, where is she along with Natsuko Aki?

Oh, looks like both of them survived. However, it’s unfortunate that Naoko Sukeban sacrificed her life to save both Honey and Nat-chan.

Well then, I must say that this episode escalated quickly that the evil organization like Panther Claw has wasted no time on killing Honey Kisaragi’s classmates. Now then, let’s hope that Honey and Natsuko will get out of the island on the next episode!

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  1. A Library Archivist says:

    Did you notice that the first image of the snake-panther woman is just a uterus with fallopian tubes? Unfocus your eyes and there it is. That’s what you call “overt feminism” of the gross variety. Lots of tramp stamp tattoos are this as well. Didn’t really expect to see that infiltrate Japan but whatever.

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