Cutie Honey Universe Episode #07

Here’s Honey Kisaragi and while she’s currently living at the Hayami residence, she’s still saddened that her beloved St. Chapel Academy is destroyed by Panther Claw.

Then again, given that she’s living at a mansion where Danbei and Junpei lived there, let’s just say that it kills the mood when this show got a bit darker.

Seriously, both Junpei and his grand dad Danbei have no personal space when it comes to seeing Honey Kisaragi’s body!

Still, she doesn’t mind that as Honey is smiling in front of the Hayami family. But deep inside, she blames herself for losing a lot of classmates.

Heck, even Seiji Hayami and Natsuko are worried about her. I mean, who wants Honey becoming an edge lord instead of a normal school girl/magical girl warrior?

By the way, Seiji and the rest of PCIS are struggling to find a way to go inside the alternate dimension where both Cutie Honey and one of Panther Claw’s bosses fought there. Then again, there’s one woman who knows it…

That’s right, it’s Inspector Genet and you know why? Because she’s actually Sister Jill! It’s not surprising at all since she’s obsessed with Honey back in the first episode.

Anyways, Inspector Genet got a visitor in the form of Natsuko Aki where she asked the inspector if she’s helping Honey Kisaragi.

But then again, Inspector Genet told Nat-chan that Honey is fine ’cause Jenet believes that she’s a strong girl.

Also, she wants to give a bouquet of red roses to Honey Kisaragi as a get-well gift.

Unfortunately, Natsuko Aki declined Inspector Genet’s gift. I mean, seeing red roses makes her experience the horrible events that happened on the previous episode.

After a visit from Inspector Genet, Honey Kisaragi have appeared as she’s worried about Natsuko Aki.

Um Honey, Nat-chan is very worried about you since you can’t overcome those traumatic events back at St. Chapel Academy.

And speaking of trauma, let’s just say that Honey is suffering the same thing as Nat-chan when she saw red roses.

Yeah, those times are rough for her that these roses are being associated with Panther Claw’s rose bombs.

With that said, looks like Honey Kisaragi is hyperventilating, quite a rare thing for an android who has the Airborne Element Fixing Device on her neck.

Meanwhile, here’s Panther Claw as both Dragon and Tarantula Panther are at the Hayami residence, ready to attack Honey Kisaragi and yank the Airborne Element Fixing Device from her.

However, Sister Jill told both of her subordinates to call off the attack as she wants Honey to remove that said device willingly after Jill is done breaking her spirit. Otherwise, both Dragon and Tarantula Panther will be killed.

But you know what, Panther Claw is acting desperately now that their numbers are decreasing at a faster rate for failing to get the Airborne Element Fixing Device from Honey. Then again, Sister Jill wanted to take the device in her own way, which Dragon Panther complain that it’s eating a lot of time.

Lastly, let’s go back to the Hayami residence as Honey Kisaragi have finally revealed her true identity to Natsuko Aki.

Yeah, she doesn’t want to hide her alter-ego anymore after losing her classmates like Naoko Sukeban.

With that said, Cutie Honey shows to Nat-chan in regards to the Airborne Element Fixing Device and how it can create anything out of thin air, ranging from her trusty sword…

…to a heart-shaped stone that’s quite cute to handle! Well, seems that Nat-chan will be convinced that her friend is very special.

In any case, there’s no turning back for Natsuko Aki now that she knows Honey Kisaragi’s well-kept secret. Of course, I’m worried that Panther Claw might target Nat-chan just to torment Honey.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where Panther Claw will continue their quest to capture the Airborne Element Fixing Device and take over the world!

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