Highschool DxD HERO Episode #07

On this episode, we’ll start things off with Issei Hyoudou becoming the Oppai Dragon. C’mon, the kids love it!

Anyways, his opponent is the almighty Darkness Knight Fang, Oppai Dragon’s eternal rival. Man, it would be nice if Vali Lucifer is here.

Still, the hero show is a success as everyone, from kids to adults, loved it! Well, I must say that the Gremory family learned a thing or two about tokusatsu.

Afterwards, it’s time for some backstage shenanigans as we have Issei Hyoudou trying to help Irina Shidou on wearing this skin-tight suit.

Then again, seems that it’s way tight for Irina-chan!

Oh, and it seems that we have a wardrobe malfunction. Well, that’s sucks and I think the stage staff should give something a bit loose for Irina Shidou.

However, things went wacky when the rest of Issei’s harem have arrived as they want to jump in onto Issei Hyoudou.

Oh yes, and it seems that they want to have sex right now. That escalated quickly as not only Irina wants to have a baby from Issei (at the cost of becoming a fallen angel), but also Akeno-san, Koneko-chan, Asia, and Xenovia!

However, Rias Gremory told them to stop. C’mon Switch Princess, just do it already with Issei-kun!

By the way, this boy is pretty important later on… This is Lirenkus, a lower-class devil who’s a big fan of Oppai Dragon.

Sadly, the meet and greet session is over and it seems that he has no choice but to go home.

Not until the real Oppai Dragon arrived to cheer Lirenkus. Not only that, but he signed the boy’s hat because c’mon, Issei loves children much as he loves boobies!

After briefly entertaining a fan, Issei returned to the backstage where he met Venelana Gremory and her grandson Milicas.

Yes, they enjoyed it because having the Oppai Dragon will make the Gremory family richer. After all, the merchandise is selling like hotcakes at the moment!

But, Venelana told Issei that he should stop calling her daughter Rias as the club president. Sooner or later, she’ll graduate in Kuoh Academy in a few months.

Anyways, let’s hope that Issei Hyoudou will call her first name in the future!

Right now, let me reintroduce you to Ravel Phenex as she finally transferred in Kuoh Academy.

Then again, she’s a bit awkward when it comes to interacting with human students since Ravel spends her time at a prestigious school in the underworld.

Fortunately, there’s Koneko Toujou as she’ll guide Ravel around the school. However, I don’t think Koneko will do that because she hates Ravel for being a pathetic fried chicken!

Lastly, it’s time for something serious as Rias Gremory and Issei Hyoudou went to the Sitri territory where Sairaorg’s butler wants them to see his mother Misla Bael.

Now it’s time for me to give you a brief backstory on Misla Bael as she came from the Vapula family, known for taming lions throughout history.

Anyways, Misla gave birth to Sairaorg which is a big deal to the entire Bael Clan since they expect them to have their first son inherit the Power of Destruction. However, Lord Bael soon find out that Sairaorg didn’t have the Power of Destruction and was cast away together with Misla, while choosing his second son Magdaran as the next heir. While Sairaorg worked his way through harsh training in order to get stronger and become the current head of the Bael Clan, defeating Magdaran which annoyed his father, he heard that his mother Misla succumbed to some demonic sickness and she’s currently in a coma.

And that’s the end of this brief backstory as Sairaorg’s butler asked Issei Hyoudou to use Pailingual in order to regain Misla Bael’s consciousness. Sadly, it didn’t work in the end despite his best efforts.

Oh, and here’s Sairaorg Bael as he heard about Issei’s attempts to wake up his mother to no avail. However, he told Issei and Rias to get stronger for the upcoming Rating Game as Sairaorg won’t hold back.

Anyways, that was an interesting episode as we not only saw the return of Ravel Phenex, but also dig deeper into Sairaorg Bael’s painful past. Still, both teams will need to cast their emotions aside for the upcoming Rating Game, but I wish Issei Hyoudou and Rias Gremory would get closer to each other. With that said, I’ll see you next time!

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