Hisone to Maso-tan Episode #08

Oh hey, it’s the old lady named Sada Hinomoto who sells drinks at the Gifu Air Base! I wonder what she’ll give us today?

I mean, look at the various Joie flavors that they can pick up. Still, I feel that Sada-san is very mysterious despite giving them drinks!

However, it appears that a group of men in black have surrounded the D-Pilots and Sada Hinomoto. Hmm, what’s going on here?

That’s until Administrative Vice-Minister Iiboshi appeared in which he told everyone regarding Sada Hinomoto and her previous role as a D-Pilot.

What, so this Joie lady is actually a D-Pilot!? Come to think of it, Eru Hoshino saw Sada-san in her dreams back in Episode 6.

But anyways, Iiboshi-san introduced Sada-san to the personnel at Gifu Air Base as he’s here to tell everybody regarding the Ritual, which the D-Pilots must guide the Great Organic Transport Flyer Mitatsu-sama to its home island of Fushido.

Yes, this is the reason why D-Pilots exist in the first place because they’re here to babysit a giant dragon and guide it to its resting place. Oh, and that occur every 74 years so it’s the toughest mission yet that the Administrative Vice-Minister wants state funding to make this Ritual a success. Of course, that depends on Hisone Amakasu and the rest of the D-Pilots’ performance.

Oh and I forgot to mention that they’ll fly for 3 straight days without sleep. Damn, this Ritual is getting harder!

That’s why Lieutenant Colonel Remi Kakiyasu and Commander Hiroshi Sosoda came up with another training mission for the D-Pilots to strengthen their resolve and keep themselves awake, especially when escorting Mitatsu-sama since the dragon moves very slowly.

But even then, the D-Pilots couldn’t hold themselves together when Hisone and the rest are pretty tired and sleepy.

At this point, one small misstep would plunge them and their OTFs straight to the ocean.

That’s until a trainer plane appeared in which the D-Pilots got a nasty sermon, telling them to get out of their OTFs if they don’t trust them very much.

Oh, and it came from the old Joie lady Sada Hinomoto. Wow, gotta say that she’s not a sweet old lady all the time!

As for Hisone Amakasu, she and the rest of the D-Pilots are trying to stay awake until the end. After all, falling asleep while the OTFs take over is like abandoning them!

But then again, some D-Pilots like Mayumi Hitomi and Ririko Kinutsugai have already fall asleep so it’s no use.

You know what, I think it’s time for the Organic Transport Flyers to take over and let their D-Pilots take a deep rest. I mean, they did a great job so far.

And so, Hisone Amakasu and the rest fell asleep safe and sound. Yeah, they deserve a rest after 3 days of non-stop flight.

As for Maso-tan and the rest, they continue on with the training mission until they managed to escort their target to its destination. I guess it’s mission complete then!

With that said, the D-Pilots returned to Gifu Air Base completely exhausted, especially Hisone Amakasu in which Haruto Okonogi hold her up.

C’mon, you don’t want Hisone fall off the ground and get hurt, would you?

Suddenly, some girl arrived at the base in which she recognize Haruto Okonogi. Hmm, I wonder if she’s Haruto’s childhood friend or something?

And then, here’s Administrative Vice-Minister Iiboshi as he explained to the Gifu Air Base personnel that he brought shrine maidens to make the Ritual a success.

Oh, and Iiboshi-san needs Haruto’s help because it turns out that he’s a Senior Vice-Steward from the Department of Divinities. Well, I knew that Haruto’s family are linked to those dragons because he and his parents are technically shrine priests.

Anyways, looks like it’s getting complicated on Hisone to Maso-tan. What’s gonna happen next week? We’ll never know for sure…

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