Piano no Mori Episode #08

Here’s Sousuke Ajino who is now working at Kiriyama University as a professor in the piano program. I must say that taking Kai Ichinose under his wing is a good decision.

And speaking of Kai-kun, he’s glad that Ajino-sensei refined his talent to be one of the best.

By the way, Kai Ichinose quit his part-time job as a pianist at a strip club. C’mon, he doesn’t want his career in jeopardy just because he’s working at sleazy establishments.

Meanwhile, let’s introduce one of the characters who supported Kai Ichinose early on, but the rest of the judges disqualify him because of his appearance.

This is Kotaro Shiba and he was shocked that not only Sousuke Ajino made a comeback, but the boy from 5 years ago is now studying at Kiriyama University.

Well, it’s all thanks to Takeshi Saga who found Kai Ichinose just as he’s finding his idol pianist Maria. Um, let’s not tell him about Maria’s true identity, okay?

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene as Kotaro Shiba went to Beppu together with his student Takako Maruyama, who’s currently rehabilitating her left hand due to tendinitis.

However, Kotaro-san wanted Takako to see something amazing before going to the hospital.

That’s right, it’s Kai Ichinose as he performed Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata from 1st to 3rd movement.

I must say that Kai’s performance is very serene as if he puts his soul onto it. Oh and during the 3rd movement, he made his own arrangement on the fly when a piano string broke in half, which is very amazing from Ichinose!

As for Takako, it appears that Kai’s performance has healed her heart, which eased Maruyama’s struggles due to her injury.

With that said, it appears that the competition has decided to award Ichinose as a soloist performer, something that’s rare for the judges to give something to Kai because of his stunning performance.

And afterwards, both Takako and Kai met again after 5 years of being separated ever since the regional competition when they’re young kids.

Well, I must say that Takako is delighted to see Kai again for so long!

Now it’s time for the best part of this episode as Kai Ichinose is not only selected to be part of an orchestra, but he got the chance to play with one of the famous conductors named Jean Jacques Serreau.

Yes, it’s an honor for Kai-kun to play with Monsieur Serreau as he saw how Ichinose play during the competition.

With that said, Kai Ichinose did his upmost best to play the piano like he always wanted. He doesn’t need to follow strict timing, just the thought and the passion counts with every keys pressed.

As for Monsieur Serreau, he’ll do his best to keep up with Ichinose’s performance together with the orchestra.

By the way, it turns out that Sousuke Ajino asked Jean Jacques Serreau to see Kai’s piano performance and let’s just say that he’s very impressed by it.

Anyways, the performance was a success as everyone gave Kai Ichinose, Jean Jacques Serreau, and the whole orchestra a standing ovation.

This includes Takako Maruyama who’s very thrilled with Kai-kun’s stunning piano performance. Well, I must say that she’ll remember it throughout her life.

Afterwards, Kai Ichinose went to Sousuke Ajino where they’ll formally meet Jean Jacques Serreau at a restaurant to discuss on the upcoming International Chopin Piano Competition. Now, both Ajino-sensei and Monsieur Serreau wanted to send Ichinose to the competition, which will happen a year from now.

Kai-kun will accept on joining the competition on the condition that he wants not only Jean Jacques Serreau to give him a letter of recommendation, but also Sousuke Ajino. Then again, it seems that having Ajino-sensei in the letter would raise eyebrows as most of the judges don’t like him much, but let’s just say that Kai Ichinose will set those criticisms aside with his performance.

So with Kai Ichinose entering the International Chopin Piano Competition, this alarmed Shuhei Amamiya that he asked his father Yoichiro to join the competition after hearing the news. Well, looks like they’ll cross paths once again.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as preparation will begin for both Kai Ichinose and Shuhei Amamiya. May the best pianist wins!

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