Cutie Honey Universe Episode #08

Well, seems that Tarantula Panther is having a nightmare where she saw many of Sister Jill’s fallen subordinates.

Yeah, Panther Claw is in a crisis with dwindling personnel, yet Sister Jill doesn’t care as long as she has Honey Kisaragi and the Airborne Element Fixing Device.

Now then, Tarantula Panther woke up from her slumber when Dragon Panther told her to go to Sister Jill’s throne room right away.

Oh boy, I wonder what Sister Jill is planning to do now?

Also, Tarantula Panther is joined by Octopanther, Panther Claw’s rumored secret weapon. I’d said that because Octopanther didn’t show anything apart from having a rotund body.

Now let’s return to Natsuko Aki where she’s troubled upon learning of Honey Kisaragi’s Airborne Element Fixing Device.

But you know what, Seiji Hayami told Nat-chan that he’ll protect Honey no matter what even if the world is against him.

We’re going back to Tarantula Panther as she’s relaxing at the pool, but it appears that she’s a bit troubled not just because of her comrades losing to Cutie Honey, but she questions herself of her loyalty towards Sister Jill.

But just when she’s having her deep thoughts, Octopanther interfered in which she emerged from the pool.

Seriously, Octopanther sure is a mood-killer that she created waves upon emerging from the surface!

Also, seems that Natsuko Aki is here as she was invited by Ji- I mean Inspector Genet. Unfortunately for Nat-chan, Genet is not here.

C’mon, it’s obvious that Sister Jill wants to draw Honey’s friend out!

But now, let’s move onto Nat-chan where she’s being approached by Tarantula Panther. Um Nat-chan, has your parents teach you not to talk to strangers, especially those from Panther Claw?

In any case, it seems that Tarantula Panther decided to give Natsuko Aki some advice instead of killing her right away, telling Nat-chan to express her true feelings to her best friend. I wonder it’ll work somehow?

With that said, Natsuko was encouraged by Tarantula’s words that she decides to leave the pool and see Honey again. Well, it sucks that Sister Jill’s plan didn’t work in the end!

Anyways, Natsuko Aki takes her leave while Tarantula Panther and Octopanther didn’t chase her. Um, you two should have captured Nat-chan while you have the chance.

Now let’s move onto some montage of Honey Kisaragi and Natsuko Aki having fun at various places. C’mon, they need to stay away from those horrible memories back in Episode 6.

Afterwards, they end their date at the beach where Honey creates a ring for Nat-chan, using her Airborne Element Fixing Device of course.

As for Natsuko Aki, she loved her new gift from Honey Kisaragi that she’ll treasure it forever. Too bad that Nat-chan didn’t tell about her true feelings towards Honey.

Not only that, but Nat-chan disappeared for unknown reasons. Oh boy, looks like Honey Kisaragi is very worried about her friend.

And so, Honey went outside to rescue Nat-chan but it appears that she’ll have to deal with a giant tentacled monster first.

Then again, it appears that Cutie Honey is no match for these tentacles as she’s bound by it. Hmm, who attacked Cutie Honey?

Oh, it’s none other than Octopanther as she’s here to crush Cutie Honey and take the Airborne Element Fixing Device from her.

Um Octopanther, I think you shouldn’t kill Cutie Honey because Sister Jill wants to make her as a sex slave.

Then out of nowhere, Tarantula Panther appeared but instead of helping Octopanther of yanking the Airborne Element Fixing Device from Cutie Honey, she did something different…

…like telling Cutie Honey to stand up and fight for the ones she cherish ’cause Tarantula Panther doesn’t like her being in a pathetic state.

Oh boy, seems that Tarantula Panther is starting to betray Sister Jill. But you know what, it’s Jill’s fault for being fixated on Honey while ignoring others like Tarantula.

With that said, Cutie Honey broke free from Octopanther’s tentacles after hearing Tarantula Panther’s words of encouragement…

…and proceeds to defeat Panther Claw’s secret weapon in one fell swoop. Well, seems that Octopanther ain’t terrifying in the end!

And afterwards, Tarantula Panther proceeds to kick Cutie Honey out of this dimension. Seriously Tarantula Panther, what an ungrateful bitch you are!

In any case, Cutie Honey is safe from Panther Claw’s hands for now. But, Honey Kisaragi’s battles will continue to get worse from now on…

That’s because Sister Jill kidnapped her best friend Natsuko Aki. God, this is getting worse for our heroine!

In any case, I’ll see you next time and damn, what will Honey Kisaragi do now?

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