Cutie Honey Universe Episode #10

Well everyone, there’s no surprise here but Panther Claw is still terrorizing everyone, right down to destroying a fashion show for goodness sake!

Not until Fancy Honey appeared in which she’ll punish Panther Claw for ruining someone’s fashion show… by transforming into Cutie Honey of course.

Anyways, it’s another day for Honey Kisaragi as she continues to fight against Panther Claw.

But deep inside, Honey Kisaragi’s heart is still aching ever since Natsuko Aki died in front of her.

While Seiji Hayami tries to cheer Honey up as it’s his responsibility to carry out Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi’s will on protecting his daughter and the Airborne Element Fixing Device, seems that he couldn’t force himself to do it.

Anyways, Honey Kisaragi continues to fight as she transforms into Hurricane Honey.

However, she stopped upon seeing a spider web being blocked off. Hmm, I wonder if Tarantula Panther is in the vicinity?

Turns out, Hurricane Honey encountered Tarantula Panther. Okay, it’s the black one as she’s not here to fight Honey Kisaragi.

Yet for some reason, Cutie Honey decides to fight Black Tarantula Panther anyway as she’s fueled with rage over Natsuko Aki’s death.

Also, you notice that Cutie Honey’s costume is torn-up? Yeah, that doesn’t look good from our heroine of love.

Now then, seems that Black Tarantula Panther will be saved as someone thrown a trident towards Cutie Honey.

Good thing she manage to dodge it, but Cutie Honey will have to deal with the strongest fighter from Panther Claw.

Yup, it’s Dragon Panther and she’s here to not only rescue Black Tarantula Panther, but to challenge Cutie Honey!

Then again, I doubt that Cutie Honey poses a threat towards Dragon Panther.

But that doesn’t stop Cutie Honey from taking on Dragon Panther, despite having her costume torn-off and I bet that she doesn’t have any energy left.

In any case, Dragon Panther took on Cutie Honey where she whipped the heroine of love using her tail.

And as you can see, Cutie Honey got thrown off like a ragdoll. Well, seems that Dragon Panther felt disappointed that her opponent is not in its best form. Hell, let’s just say that Cutie Honey has no chance of beating Sister Jill.

So with that said, looks like Dragon Panther will have to kill Cutie Honey off and take the Airborne Element Fixing Device from her dead body!

Of course, Seiji Hayami and his family won’t let anyone lay a finger towards Cutie Honey as he pulled a gun and tries to shoot Dragon Panther down. Then again, firearms are ineffective against the goons from Panther Claw!

Not until Black Tarantula Panther told Dragon Panther to stop and call it a truce. C’mon, there’s no point on continuing this battle anyway since Cutie Honey is in a mess.

But then again, inviting both Black Tarantula Panther and Dragon Panther to the Hayami Residence is very awkward.

I mean, Dragon Panther barely fit into this mansion but you know what, Black Tarantula Panther has a solution to that…

…by changing her appearance into a more-appealing one. Well, I must say that Black Tarantula Panther is so cute in her gothic lolita outfit, but what about Dragon Panther?

Well, Black Tarantula Panther changed her appearance into something more mature-looking. I must say that both Danbei and Junpei Hayami are astonished by Dragon Panther’s new look!

Then again, Dragon Panther doesn’t like perverts as she smacks both Danbei and Junpei in the ass!

Still, I wonder what’s gonna happen to Dragon Panther? At this point, she might be considered as a traitor and Sister Jill is gonna kill her.

Afterwards, Black Tarantula Panther went to the rooftop to see Honey Kisaragi and give her something that’s very important.

That’s right, Natsuko Aki’s ring. Yeah, I miss Nat-chan after that unfortunate demise from the previous episode.

Also, Black Tarantula Panther transformed into a familiar figure, something that’s dear to Honey Kisaragi before her demise in the previous episode.

Yup, I’m talking about Natsuko Aki as she’s here to comfort Honey. Sure that the real Nat-chan is already dead, but Black Tarantula Panther reminded Honey that Natsuko will always love her.

In any case, Honey Kisaragi started crying upon seeing Natsuko Aki again, even though it’s one of Black Tarantula Panther’s transformation.

Still, I have to say that despite being the enemy, Black Tarantula Panther really cared for Honey much like how Nat-chan cared for her friend till the end. Of course, it would be better if she told about Inspector Genet’s true identity.

Now then, let’s move onto Panther Claw as Sister Jill is watching Cutie Honey from afar. Of course, Sister Jill can’t wait to turn Honey into her slave in the near future.

Meanwhile, here’s White Tarantula Panther as she wants to kill Black Tarantula Panther and take the Airborne Element Fixing Device to Sister Jill.

Of course, she needs something that can make her stronger. After all, Tarantula Panther split herself into two entities in the previous episode.

Luckily, Sister Jill gave White Tarantula Panther some suit of armor. Oh yes, and it’s dyed red because Sister Jill loves red roses!

Anyways, I’m hoping that Honey Kisaragi will be okay as she’ll be fighting Tarantula Panther’s other half on the next episode.

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