Darling in the FranXX Episode #21

Well, looks like Code:016 “Hiro” is still alive but let’s face it, he’s stuck between the Klaxosaur Princess and a collective mind of pure evil that is VIRM.

Oh by the way, there’s more from the Klaxosaur Princess as she told her backstory and her people, the klaxo sapiens.

Yes, the klaxo sapiens are somewhat similar to humans, but their first encounter against VIRM end in massacre where the collective mind slaughter to klaxo sapiens who refused to leave their bodies and merge with them.

However, the klaxo sapiens are actually quite capable of creating stronger robots or should I say bodies when facing against VIRM. Of course, that too will result in losing their reproductive functions much like how humans are currently have right now. Still, the klaxosaurs will lose the battle once VIRM activates Strelizia Apath’s self-destruction device.

Meanwhile, seems that Dr. Franxx is shocked that VIRM got him pretty hard after his creation got hijacked. With no backup plans to regain control of Strelizia Apath, there’s nothing that the doctor can do but to wait for the inevitable.

On the other hand, there’s more insight with regards to Code:002 “Zero-Two” as she’s not the only klaxo sapien clone in existence. In fact, Dr. Franxx created more klaxo sapien clones based on the Klaxosaur Princess’ DNA, although he saw them as failures. Who are these failed clones perhaps?

Turns out, it’s the 9’s as they have klaxo sapien DNA, but they failed as one due to not having reproductive functions.

And here’s 9’α “Nine Alpha” who is still fighting under Papa’s orders even though he and the rest of the 9’s are already abandoned by them.

Seriously, I want 9’α “Nine Alpha” and the rest of Papa’s delightful children get what they deserve… like being killed by VIRM.

Fortunately, seems that VIRM will try to break their spirit (and bodies) as you can see, the 9’s didn’t stand a goddamn chance against the invaders!

Still, 9’α “Nine Alpha” and the rest are unfazed and dammit, I want them dead for crashing the wedding in Ep. 18!

Meanwhile, here’s Code:002 “Zero-Two” as while she’s still recovering from her injuries, Zero-Two wants to save Code:016 “Hiro” because she promised to him to be together forever.

Fortunately, Zero-Two’s teammates are here to support her as the rest of Plantation 13’s FranXX Team have arrived at Gran Crevasse!

Glad that they’re alive and I’m hoping they stay that way, especially Code:326 “Mitsuru” and Code:556 “Kokoro”.

Now that the team are finally reunited, it’s time to rescue Code:016 “Hiro” from being taken over by VIRM. Also, Dr. Franxx will be joining them as he knows the way towards Star Entity’s core.

Unfortunately, the path leading to the core is block off by debris. And with VIRM chasing them, seems that Plantation 13’s FranXX Team might get slaughtered!

Luckily, there’s a solution to that as Code:196 “Ikuno” and Code:214 “Futoshi” pushed the Chlorophytum to its limit, using all of its magma energy to blast the debris away!

With that said, looks like Futoshi and Ikuno are done with their roles. While Code:214 “Futoshi” is okay…

…Code:196 “Ikuno” however got her hair turn to white. Well, seems that using all of Chlorophytum’s energy has aged her rapidly.

Now then, they have reached the core but it’s sealed off by the klaxosaurs. Luckily, Dr. Franxx has a key to open its door as it has the princess’ DNA on his left arm.

Sadly, his arm will be torn off again just to open the door leading towards Strelizia Apath’s core. Well, this is pretty gruesome but Dr. Franxx got used to it!

On the other hand, a klaxosaur appeared but instead of eating both intruders, this klaxosaur invites Code:002 “Zero-Two” to ride on it.

So before she rides the klaxosaur, Code:002 “Zero-Two” told Dr. Franxx for ruining her life ranging from cruel experiments to erasing her memories together with Code:016 “Hiro”.

However, Zero-Two thanked Dr. Franxx for reuniting with her darling after all these years. Then again, Dr. Franxx denied his intervention but you know what, I think he planned this reunion from the start.

Now then, Zero-Two has manged to get inside Star Entity’s core. Of course, her klaxosaur ride got destroyed in the process.

So with no time to waste, she went to Hiro in which he’s in a worst state than before and while Zero-Two tried to wake him up, seems that Hiro couldn’t move at all. Don’t tell me that Code:016 “Hiro” is dead!?

Thus, the only thing Code:002 “Zero-Two” needs to do is to extend her horns and change her skin into red. What is she planning to do when Hiro’s heart stopped beating?

Well, she give him the kiss of life of course. I hope it works ’cause it would be a bummer if Code:016 “Hiro” died before the end of this show.

On the other hand, here’s the Klaxosaur Princess as she becomes a spirit. Also, it seems that she wants to support both Code:002 “Zero-Two” and Code:016 “Hiro” for the future of Earth and its inhabitants.

But anyways, looks like we witnessed a miracle as Zero-Two and Hiro managed to regain control of Strelizia Apath, stopping its self-destruction sequence in the nick of time.

As for the doctor, seems that he saw how beautiful his creation is after his daughter Zero-Two regained control of it.

Sadly, seems that Dr. Franxx’s life will end as he’s crushed by falling debris. He maybe a scumbag, but we’ll sure miss Dr. Franxx!

Now then, let’s go back into action as Strelizia Apath used its laser cannon to destroy most of VIRM’s fleet in an instant. I must say that the Star Entity is a perfect weapon against those invaders!

On the other hand, Strelizia Apath tries to get its lance called Hringhorni, but VIRM decided to snatch it away because they’ll use it to slay both humans and klaxosaurs in the future.

Still, Strelizia Apath has managed to fend off VIRM for the time being, although both Hiro and Zero-Two still wants to get that lance as their weapon.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news after fending off VIRM as it turns out that Code:002 “Zero-Two” has lost her spirit. See her horns broken off? Zero-Two has died!

Damn, this can’t be happening on this week’s episode as I’m worried that VIRM will come back with a bigger force on the next episode! Still, it’s sad to see that Code:016 “Hiro” has lost his partner… unless there’s a miracle happened.

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