Highschool DxD HERO Episode #10

Here’s both Diehauser Belial and Azazel as they’ll become the commentators for this match between the Occult Research Club and Sairaorg Bael’s peerage.

Well then, let’s not waste any time much longer as we begin the hypest Rating Game ever…

…starting with a knight duel between Beruka Furcas and Yuuto Kiba.

While both knights can keep up with each other due to their immense speed, Beruka has an ace on his sleeve as he can create clones of himself.

Luckily, Kiba has a counter to Furcas’ clones as he created holy sword-wielding dragon knights using his new Balance Breaker technique called Glory Drag Trooper.

The result? A swift and decisive victory as Yuuto Kiba’s new technique triumph over Beruka Furcas! Well, looks like Team Sairaorg Bael lost a member.

Next match, both kings got a total of 10 points. While Rias Gremory sends both Rossweisse and Koneko Toujou…

…Sairaorg Bael sends both his knight Liban Crocell and rook Gandoma Balam. Well, seems that Sairaorg decided not to send another rook to even it out.

In any case, the 2nd match starts as Koneko-chan transformed into her improved nekomata state and lands a flurry of punches. Gandoma couldn’t stand a flat change!

But as for Rossweisse, it’s a different story as she’s being held down by gravity.

Or in Liban Crocell’s case, it’s his Sacred Gear called Gravity Jail in which he can pin down opponents just by looking at them.

Well, the only thing left for Rossweisse to do is to perform the old switcheroo technique against Gandoma Balam and use her Norse magic to destroy him. That’ll take care of this golem man.

Unfortunately, Gandoma has the last laugh as he pummeled Koneko Toujou to the ground. Damn, that’s gotta hurt!

Still, both Liban Crocell and Gandoma Balam were eliminated but Rias Gremory’s peerage got a casualty as a result.

So while Koneko-chan won’t be playing on the next match, I have to say that she did a good job until this point. The only thing that they need to do is to survive!

Next up, here’s an interesting match as both Sairaorg and Rias-sempai throw the dice to get a total of 8 points.

Anyways, Rias Gremory sends Issei Hyoudou since he has the power of 8 pawns, Sairaorg Bael sends his bishop Coriana Andrealphus… to strip. No, I’m not making this up!

As for Issei-kun, he couldn’t do anything but watch how Coriana strips until she’s wearing nothing but her underwear. Now the only thing he wants to see is her tits!

Except that Coriana Andrealphus decided to take off her panties instead, something that the Oppai Dragon felt disappointed as Issei is looking forward to see Coriana’s breasts.

Well then, looks like Issei Hyoudou decided to finish Coriana Andrealphus off with a single Dragon Shot!

And as for Coriana, looks like she made a pretty mistake that cost her greatly. So much for her strip show!

But you know what, I think she should have take off her bra and then her panties. That way, Coriana Andrealphus would pull the biggest upset against the Occult Research Club.

Now that we’re done with that bizarre match, it’s time to move onto the next one as they roll the dice to get a total of 8 points.

So while Rias Gremory sends both Xenovia Quarta and Gaspar Vladi to fight, Sairaorg Bael send his rook Ladora Buné and bishop Misteeta Sabnock.

And speaking of Ladora Buné, I forgot to tell you that he can transform into a dragon, apart from taming other dragons.

Hmm, I think Asia Argento will need to take notes on this guy on how to take care of her sprite dragon once this Rating Game is over.

Anyways, time for Xenovia to finish Ladora off but it appears that she couldn’t perform her powerful attack as her body got cursed by someone else.

Turns out, it’s none other than Misteeta Sabnock as he uses his Sacred Gear called Trick Vanish to seal his opponent’s ability at the expense of his stamina.

Well, I must say that apart from being mistaken as a girl, Misteeta knoww how to stop opponents in its tracks.

In any case, looks like Xenovia will have to be rescued by Gasper, put her to a safe place, and remove Misteeta’s curse.

Then again, the effects of Trick Vanish is stronger that it’ll take time for Gasper Vladi to remove it. However, he decides to continue on removing the curse anyway.

And while we’re at it, Gasper decides to become a decoy to both Ladora Buné and Misteeta Sabnock.

Then again, Gasper is no match against Ladora as the cute vampire is too small compared to a dragon! But you know what, Gasper Vladi lays his life on the line to give Xenovia more time to recover…

…until he got squashed by Ladora Buné’s big dragon hands. Still, Gasper did a damn good effort of risking his life in order to protect what he cares about!

And because of that, Xenovia Quarta is free from the effects of Trick Vanish and swings her Ex-Durandal ala Captain Commando’s Captain Sword…

…defeating both Ladora Buné and Misteeta Sabnock as they’re held up by Gasper Vladi’s time-stopping ability.

While Gasper Vladi may have been eliminated, his efforts have paid off as Xenovia Quarta defeats both fighters from Sairaorg Bael’s team.

After that epic battle, both Rias and Sairaorg throw the dice to get a total of 9 points. This means that it’s time for a queen battle between Akeno Himejima and Kuisha Abaddon.

It’s gonna be an interesting match as Rias has a half-devil/fallen angel hybrid against a pure-blooded devil from Sairaorg’s camp.

With that said, Akeno-san summoned some lightning at Kuisha in hopes that it’ll hit her.

For those who don’t know (unless you’ve read the novels), it’s a combination of electricity with holy light. Get it, light-ning?

However, it appears that Kuisha has an ace of her sleeve, using the power of holes to absorb her lightning…

…and sends it back to Akeno-san where she got a taste of her own attack until Akeno is defeated.

Well, looks like Kuisha Abaddon easily defeats Akeno Himejima, and what a heart-breaking one at worst as Akeno-san didn’t show what she’s fully-capable of.

Now then, let’s end this episode as both kings rolled the dice to get a whopping 12 points.

This means that Sairaorg Bael can finally play, but who will be his opponent?

Well, Rias Gremory sends 2 knights and a rook to fight Sairaorg. Of course, will the likes of Rossweisse, Yuuto Kiba, and Xenovia Quarta manage to tire their opponent out?

In any case, gotta love this week’s episode as both teams show their stuff. However, the most interesting part of Episode 10 is Gasper Vladi protecting Xenovia Quarta by stalling Sairaorg’s teammates until Xenovia delivered the final blow. Yeah, I give props to Gasper for being the hero on Episode 10, but my biggest disappointment is Coriana Andrealphus as she has no abilities to counter Issei Hyoudou’s attacks apart from distracting him. What was Sairaorg thinking?

Still, I’m worried that the next episode will be ugly for the Occult Research Club, especially when dealing with Sairaorg Bael and his strong body. Anyways, I see you next time!

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