Highschool DxD HERO Episode #11

Well everyone, looks like Sairaorg Bael will throw his gloves at the Occult Research Club as he shows his fully-released battle aura.

By the way, there’s no nudity on this episode as it’s gonna be a serious one. C’mon, Rias Gremory and her peerage must defeat Sairaorg!

Anyways, the likes of Rossweisse got the One Punch treatment as you can see here. Damn, that’s gotta hurt!

Looks like Rossweisse is down for the count, which leaves both Xenovia Quarta and Yuuto Kiba to defeat Sairaorg.

Speaking of Yuuto Kiba, looks like he’ll have to summon some dragon knights to keep him at bay. However, Sairaorg just destroy Yuuto’s Drag Troopers like glass.

Meanwhile, looks like Rossweisse has returned to bombard Sairaorg Bael with magic as it revealed that she used two Excalibur swords, Mimic and Transparency, to fake her retirement.

However, she was quickly retired for reals this time. Well, Rossweisse is down for the count!

So out of desparation, both Yuuto and Xenovia combined their strength to cut one of Sairaorg’s arms. Overwhelming the enemy with brute force is the only solution for the Occult Research Club!

They succeed but you know what, Sairaorg Bael will just heal it back with a vial of Phoenix Tears. Yeah, it’s pretty much useless at this point!

With that said, Sairaorg Bael will use his other arm and legs to pummel everyone until they retired. Really, this is a curb-stomp battle for the Occult Research Club has Rias Gremory lost 2 knights and a rook.

Now let’s move onto the next match as both king draw the dice to get 9 points. This match will have Kuisha Abbadon fighting against Issei Hyoudou.

And speaking of Issei Hyoudou, he couldn’t hold his emotions anymore as he throws a devastating punch against Kuisha…

…until she’s retired. Well, the truth is that Kuisha Abbadon retired the moment she’s about to get hit by Issei’s punches.

Now, had she retired it late, Kuisha Abbadon would be dead by now.

After that battle, seems that Sairaorg Bael wants a rule change in which he want the remaining members of his peerage and the Occult Research Club to fight for the last match.

Surprising, the match organizers agreed to his demands and now the next match will be a team battle with no restrictions. It’s better than rolling the dice again.

Anyways, it’s gonna be a 2-member team battle as Issei Hyoudou and Rias Gremory will take on both Sairaorg and his remaining peerage, while Asia Argento will stay as a reserve just in case both Issei and Rias are retired.

Then again, Asia would be a sitting duck if that happens. But anyways, let’s see Sairaorg’s remaining peerage.

This is Regulus Nemea, the last member of Sairaorg Bael’s team where it has the strength of 7 pawns. Oh, and he has a nifty trick…

That’s because Regulus Nemea is actually a lion and one of the strongest Longinus ever. Turns out that Sairaorg tamed Regulus and put 7 pawn pieces to make this lion into his servant.

Now let’s go back to the fight between Sairaorg Bael and Issei Hyoudou as it seems that the former slowed down a bit after the previous battle, receiving a Solid Impact punch by Issei straight to the face.

I must say that Yuuto Kibe and Xenovia Quarta did their best to tire Sairaorg a bit. Oh, let’s not forget Rossweisse’s involvement as well!

However, Issei Hyoudou stopped his attacks when he saw Rias Gremory gravely injured after getting a deadly pounce by Regulus Nemea. Man, Sairaorg’s lion is so unruly that he doesn’t treat a lady very nicely!

Fortunately, Issei brought a spare Phoenix Tears in which he healed Rias Gremory back to health.

And since it’s the only Phoenix Tears that the Occult Research Club have, they won’t have another when facing against Sairaorg Bael.

And speaking of Sairaorg, seems that his body is engulfed into a ball of explosion. What’s going on here!?

Turns out, Sairaorg Bael has achieved Balance Breaker with Regulus Nemea as the lion transformed into a suit of armor called Regulus Rey Leather Rex.

Well, the truth is that Issei told Sairaorg to use Regulus’ hidden power so that the Oppai Dragon can have a satisfying match against the current head of the Bael family. While it would be a bad thing for Sairaorg to let himself power up, I think it’s a man’s thing to beat his opponents at their best.

Well then, looks like Issei Hyoudou will try to put a dent on Sairaorg’s new suit of armor. Unfortunately, the Regulus Rey Leather Rex is no match against the Illegal Move Triaina.

Oh and to make it far worse for the Red Dragon Emperor, Sairaorg Bael delivered a devastating gut punch that punctured the Scale Mail. Damn, I can’t bear to look at Issei getting badly hurt!

Anyways, the Red Dragon Emperor is down and he’s gonna die at this point that Rias Gremory is worried about him.

Really Rias-sempai, don’t tell me that you’re gonna resign again much like how you did it against Riser Phenex? Have faith in Issei-kun!

Hell, let’s not forget that the Oppai Dragon has supporters like Lirenkus in which he and the rest of the kids shouted “Oppai!” to Issei-kun and shouted him to stand up!

Well, I have to say that they’re giving their energy to Issei-kun when he’s needed the most, and I’m sure that he’ll hear the message.

Speaking of Issei Hyoudou, he’s inside the void where previous wielders of the Boosted Gear are urging him to use Juggernaut Drive. It’s the only way to beat Sairaorg but Issei Hyoudou won’t use it since his fans and comrades are cheering him up.

However, let’s just say that they’re freaking persistent that they want Issei to use the forbidden technique at the cost of his lifespan. Seriously, will they listen to Issei-kun for once?

That’s until this previous wielder of the Dividing Gear shows up and helps Issei Hyoudou by calming the previous Boosted Gear wielders down.

I must say that Albion’s powers comes in handy after getting it from Vali Lucifer back in Highschool DxD NEW.

In any case, Albion’s powers have calmed the Boosted Gear wielders down, while Issei decides to change Juggernaut Drive’s chant a bit in which he’s aiming to show the future that “shines in true crimson light”.

Hmm, could it be that he’s getting a new power that’s is different but having similar power to the Juggernaut Drive? We’ll find that out!

Anyways, the next episode will be the last one as Rias Gremory is surprised to see Issei Hyoudou returned…

…now stronger than ever as he achieved a new form of his Scale Mail via the Cardinal Crimson Promotion. This is the True Crimson Dragon Emperor and it’s power is equivalent that of a queen or even the Juggernaut Drive.

With that said, can’t wait for Oppai Dragon’s comeback against the Lion King Sairaorg Bael. See ya next time!

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