Cutie Honey Universe Episode #11

Well, looks like we have so many Honey Kisaragi on this episode! Man, will the real Honey Kisaragi please stand up?

Then again, Seiji Hayami figure it out that it was actually Danbei and Junpei Hayami. Those silly perverts, they sure took advantage of Black Tarantula Panther’s shape-shifting abilities.

Meanwhile, seems that the PCIS has managed to capture Sister Jill as they- Wait a minute, this ain’t Sister Jill as it’s just one of her subordinates!

Still, Cutie Honey couldn’t hold herself much longer as Sister Jill’s constant taunting made her snap, cutting this Panther Claw grunt in half!

And as you can see, this one is dead but not before she revealed the hideout of Panther Claw called Phantom Castle. Well, looks like PCIS will have to find Phantom Castle and take Panther Claw down.

As for Honey Kisaragi, she’ll have to go to the hideout by herself as she wants to beat Sister Jill once and for all.

After all, she’s very pissed and really, she needs some allies to help her out like Seiji Hayami over there!

So, Honey went to Black Tarantula Panther and ask her where the Phantom Castle is. Of course, Black Tarantula Panther won’t tell Honey Kisaragi about its location because it’s dangerous to go to Panther Claw’s hideout!

However, Dragon Panther decides to lead Honey towards the Phantom Castle as she punches Black Tarantula Panther in the gut.

That was nasty coming from Dragon Panther but I guess she doesn’t want to let Black Tarantula Panther involved in Honey Kisaragi’s assault at the Phantom Castle.

On another note, Seiji Hayami went inside Inspector Genet’s room to find her, only to stumble upon a hidden room which has all the girls encased in crystal including Natsuko Aki.

Um Seiji-san, I think you should know right now that Inspector Genet has a dark secret! Then again, it’s too late to tell Honey Kisaragi…

…as she went to Phantom Castle together with Dragon Panther. Now, what lies there will be the final boss and Dragon Panther told Cutie Honey to prepare herself.

So when Cutie Honey entered the castle, she encountered Inspector Genet and asked her on what she’s doing here inside Panther Claw’s lair. Well folks, seems that the cat is out in the bag!

That’s because Inspector Genet revealed herself as the leader of Panther Claw, Sister Jill. Son of a bitch, we knew this one’s coming right?

And as for Cutie Honey, looks like she’s pretty devastated on this reveal as she put her trust on Genet. Um, I’m pretty sure that it’s Sister Jill’s intention to break Honey’s heart after betraying her!

But now, Cutie Honey is very vulnerable as she’s being attacked by one of Sister Jill’s subordinates like a ragdoll.

Oh and to make matters worse, White Tarantula Panther is here as she’s gonna pummel Cutie Honey with missiles. Yeah, Honey will be a goner and the Airborne Element Fixing Device will be seized!

That’s until Dragon Panther shows up in which she tells Cutie Honey to fight like a true warrior. It’s not like Dragon Panther wants to save Cutie Honey because she wants to fight stronger foes in an honorable way!

But hey, at least Cutie Honey is safe after that devastating revelation that Genet is Sister Jill. Then again, we already knew her true identity.

In any case, Dragon Panther takes on White Tarantula Panther and I must say that it’s an even match between them.

Oh, and it’s not like Dragon Panther wants to stop Panther Claw because she has to protect Black Tarantula Panther from this evil doppelganger!

On the other hand, Sister Jill summoned all of her subordinates and combined their spirit to create the most powerful monster that will crush Cutie Honey.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it’s the most hideous thing that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, Go Nagai wants to make sure that when it comes to villains, he wants them to look almost-grotesque and downright evil!

Now then, looks like Cutie Honey has decided to ride on Dragon Panther’s back and take out Sister Jill’s strongest and hideous monster before fighting her.

As for Sister Jill, she’ll just watch it unfolds at a distance, although Sister Jill believes that Cutie Honey will fail and force her to give the Airborne Element Fixing Device to her!

In any case, I’ll see you next time for the final episode of Cutie Honey Universe! Will Honey Kisaragi succeed or will Panther Claw dominates the world?

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