Cutie Honey Universe Episode #12

Well everyone, looks like Ge- I mean Sister Jill has decided not to let Cutie Honey kill her monstrous subordinate yet as she throws her boomerang…

…straight towards Dragon Panther’s neck. Oh shit, seems that Honey Kisaragi will lose another ally!

And speaking of Honey, looks like she was thrown off Dragon Panther’s back like a ragdoll. Now then, what happened to Dragon Panther?

Well as you can see, her head was cleanly cut off by Sister Jill. Dammit, now one of Cutie Honey’s ally just died horribly!

Speaking of Cutie Honey, looks like she’s getting pummeled by this monstrosity that is Gill Panther. What could be worse than being slammed towards the ground?

Oh yeah, I forgot that Sister Jill wants to break Cutie Honey down both physically and mentally, using her powers to fry Honey’s circuits!

In any case, looks like Honey Kisaragi is down for the count as Sister Jill is about to kill her off and take the Airborne Element Fixing Device. This is not for the faint heart!

However, seems that Sister Jill encountered another Cutie Honey holding a gun. Of course, she knows that this Honey is an impostor.

Oh, and so are these two as they’re doing a dance performance with music by the sensational Misty Honey. Yeah, I can see that the Hayami family are masquerading as the warrior of love!

But what surprised me is that there’s an army of Cutie Honeys which Sister Jill find it very annoying!

So, Sister Jill ordered Gill Panther to kill all those impostors with fire and lead. I mean, it’s the only way to get rid of those clones away!

And as you can see, the Honey army didn’t stand a damn chance. Sad that their efforts are in vain!

Meanwhile, here’s Black Tarantula Panther as she told Sister Jill that she won’t get anything upon killing those Honey clones.

C’mon, Black Tarantula Panther created those clones by transforming Honey’s friends into the warrior of love!

Then again, Sister Jill doesn’t care because it’s very cringe-worthy to see Honey’s friends going down while masquerading as Cutie Honey.

Yeah, I have the same sentiments as you are Sister Jill, especially when Danbei and Junpei Hayami danced while dressing up as Cutie Honey. How cringey is that?

Speaking of the real Honey Kisaragi, she had enough of seeing her friends getting hurt as she comes back from the brink of death. I have to say that Honey is not a quitter!

Well guys, time for an epic comeback as she goes for an epic transformation!

But before that, Cutie Honey needs to confront this malevolent being known as Panther Zora who turned out to be the real boss of Panther Claw.

Fortunately, Cutie Honey has some of her friends helping her out as they’ll take out Panther Zora before returning to Earth in order to beat Sister Jill. Luckily, they succeed!

And when Cutie Honey returned to Earth, Sister Jill couldn’t believe on what she saw when the warrior of love come back from despair.

Turns out, Cutie Honey got the entire Honey army to back her up! Oh and you think that they’re just mere impostors? Oh no!

As you can see, they have Cutie Honey’s powers that the likes of Naoko Sukeban and the Hayami Family can take out Gill Panther until this monstrosity split into smaller goons where they can beat them!

Meanwhile, looks like we have a duel between Black and White Tarantula Panther. Of course, While Tarantula Panther still wielding one of her mech suit’s weapons.

But as for Black Tarantula Panther, she’ll beat her evil half with Cutie Honey’s powers!

And speaking of the real Cutie Honey, looks like her sword got an amazing upgrade which is perfect to defeat Sister Jill once and for all. I mean, who wants this creepy woman live forever?

With one thrust of her sword, Cutie Honey finally defeats Sister Jill after so many attempts.

Oh and to make sure that she won’t regenerate, Honey cut Jill’s body into two. I guess that this bad boss will never torment her again!

Then again, Sister Ji- I mean Inspector Genet looks at Honey Kisaragi for one last thing, complementing on her beauty that it’ll never be destroyed. Seriously, it’s love that makes Honey remained strong and beautiful!

With that said, the battle is over as Panther Claw is defeated. Unfortunately, some sacrifices will have to be made such as Dragon Panther and Black Tarantula Panther, where she beats her evil half before her life runs out.

Anyways, Sister Jill is dead and really, we can now feel a sigh of relief and Cutie Honey Universe is now over!

Well, I must say that I feel disappointed on Studio Reed’s re-imagining of Go Nagai’s classic series. Sure that it doesn’t show uncensored tits, the animation felt lackluster that it doesn’t click on me at all. Oh, and let’s not forget that it didn’t use the classic Cutie Honey theme.

Although I’m impressed that they used various voice actresses to voice one of Honey Kisaragi’s alter-egos, everything else felt flat that it doesn’t respect the legacy of Cutie Honey. In any case, I’m so glad that I’ve finished watching this show but man, this remake sucks!

Now for some epilogue as we have Naoko Sukeban offering a flower to Honey Kisaragi, which she accepted it.

I have to say that Naoko’s skin got tanned very much during Episode 6 but damn, glad that she survived getting blasted by rose bombs!

As for the Hayami Family, looks like they need a family vacation now that Panther Claw is done. Then again, Junpei and Danbei Hayami will miss Honey Kisaragi since they won’t see her tits and ass anymore!

And with that, it’s time to say good-bye to Honey Kisaragi as she goes back to St. Chapel Academy. Well, it’s currently being repaired but hey, she’s gonna spend her life as a normal school girl!

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