Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Episode #24

Well everyone, this is gonna be a doozy one as I’ll bring you the finale of Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS as it’s time to end all Selector Battles!

As you can see, Kiyoi Mizushima is now inside this special room where all the memories are stored. Of course, she’s here to end the endless cycle of suffering and battles.

Unfortunately, Eternal won’t let Kiyoi Mizushima end the BATTORU so she decides to challenge Kiyoi instead!

Well then, seems that the only way to stop the Selector Battles is to engage them in a Selector Battle. C’mon, this is WIXOSS after all!

Meanwhile, here’s Yuki as she’s still trapped inside the room of white windows. But don’t worry though, Tama-chan is here to rescue her other half as they have some unfinished business to attend to.

With that said, time for Tama and Yuki to fuse together and break free. C’mon, this is the only way to get out of the room of white windows.

Now that Tama and Yuki are now fused together, it’s time to find the real door that’ll get them out of this room. However, someone will do it for them.

For the time being, let’s go back to the final battle as Eternal leveled-up to 5 and she’s ready to play WIXOSS!

Just kidding, Eternal doesn’t play WIXOSS as she’s playing a LRIG Battle against Kiyoi Mizushima. Unfortunately, Kiyoi is no match against Eternal because let’s face it, she’s controlling the entire BATTORU!

That’s until her partner Piriluk arrived to back Kiyoi-chan up. I mean, if Eternal wants to play like a scumbag, why not throw some of the LRIGs to help Mizushima up. Oh, and Piriluk is not alone…

In fact, she brought Yuzuki Kurebayashi and Donna to help Kiyoi on defeating Eternal! Of course, Eternal won’t let Kiyoi have an easy match…

…as she brought back Carnival who still wants to have endless Selector Battles after being outwitted by Kiyoi. I mean, Carnival is very salty about her loss!

Let’s not forget about Remember as she wants to torment Kiyoi Mizushima, especially when she wants to kill her new friend Amika Hashimoto.

Not on Hanayo and Midoriko’s watch though as they’re here too. At this point, I feel that every LRIG that appeared on this series will be here for the grand finale!

But now let’s go back to Carnival as she was attacked by a LRIG at the back. I wonder if some of Kiyoi’s allies have returned?

Surprisingly, it turns out that Carnival got back-stabbed by Aaya and Guzuko. Well, seems that Carnival won’t have anyone backing her up!

Also, turns out that Mel and Ril have returned, although both of them are struggling to stop a rouge LRIG.

Someone like Layla as she returned because she’s still addicted to BATTORU. No surprises there, but I feel that she’s still annoying to take her out again!

And lastly, we have some minor LRIGs showing up as we have Nanashi helping Milulun out. Sad that there’s no Ulith, Mama, or even Chiyori.

But hey, at least most of the LRIGs are here for this final battle. Then again, what about Kiyoi-chan?

Well, she was encased in a Fractal Cage by Eternal, unable to do anything but to receive any attack from the final boss.

Seriously, I feel that Mizushima’s battle to stop all Selector Battles will be in vain if she can’t do anything against Eternal.

Meanwhile, Ru-chan, Hitoe, and Hanna have arrived at the abandoned mansion where Mayu resides and how the Selector Battle was born from her despair.

Yeah, it’s been a long time since Ruko went inside Mayu’s room. Of course, there’s still unfinished business to do like getting back Tama-chan and helping Kiyoi on stopping the BATTORU.

Fortunately, Ruko Kominato found something important when checking out some stuff inside Mayu’s room.

This is a crayon drawing of Mayu and her two LRIGs holding hands like they’re best buddies. It’s quite a contrast to previous seasons when Yuki (better known as Iona) is treated badly from Mayu.

But thanks to Ru-chan’s discovery, seems that Tama-chan found the real door (or window) for their freedom. The only thing that’s left to do is for Tama to open it.

Now then, time for the climax as Kiyoi broke out from her cage and transforms into her final form, something that Eternal was caught off-guard by it.

This is the Level 5 Form of Kiyoi Mizushima and she’s arrived to save countless Selectors and LRIGs, plus Eternal, from the endless cycle of hatred that resulted in fighting each other.

With only a single attack, Kiyoi defeated Eternal as she transforms into a pile of coins.

And those coins that contained memories of various Selectors will go out from this window. Yup, the same window that Ru-chan discovered earlier. Well, I must say that the BATTORU is finally over!

And now, it’s time for the LRIGs like Yuzuki and Tama to return to the surface as normal girls.

However, some LRIGs like Ril and Mel won’t get bodies in the real world as they originally exist from Suzuko Homura and Chinatsu Morikawa’s respective memories.

As for others? Well, we’ll never know what’s gonna happen to Carnival, Remember, and Layla. But hey, at least Layla got some revenge on Carnival by landing a punch straight to her face!

With that said, the world of Selector Battles will be over as the room of white windows crumbled into nothingness. Phew, glad that we’re not gonna see girls getting suffered by countless BATTORU anymore!

Now for the epilogue as Chinatsu Morikawa’s memories have finally returned, something that Suzuko Homura is delighted to see that her friend is back!

Of course, despite having those memories returned, whether it’s good or bad, I think Suzu will help Chi-chan on overcoming it.

Also, there’s more good news as not only Chinatsu’s memories have returned, but some Selectors such as Shouhei Shirai got their memories back. Isn’t it great?

What’s even more great is that both Yuzuki Kurebayashi and Tama-chan have returned to the human world, something that both Ruko Kominato and Hitoe Uemura are delighted to see.

Oh yes, let’s not forget that not only the former LRIGs have returned to the real world…

Some of them have finally arrived in the real world like Piriluk. Well, at least some of the LRIGs have happy endings except for Carnival, Layla, and even Remember!

Well everyone, I guess this will be it for WIXOSS as honestly, I feel that Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS was a step-down compared to previous seasons.

Seriously, I feel that Carnival’s role as the villain is so underwhelming that she used cheats to win all battles in the most unimpressive way. Ulith is way more better as a villain, but she didn’t appear at all since her soul has finally laid to rest during Selector Destructed WIXOSS.

On the other hand, some of the aspects of this show like the reintroduction of Remember didn’t leave much of the impact and speaking of Remember, J.C. Staff should create an adaptation of Peeping Analyze so her return would be more significant towards Kiyoi Mizushima.

Other than that, I feel that everything prior to the final 2 episodes doesn’t click on me due to how the previous seasons, especially Selector Infected/Spread/Destructed WIXOSS, already resolved most of the plot. But hey, what’s important is that we have a grand finale that concluded the story of WIXOSS!

Until Takara Tomy decides to relaunch the franchise again, I feel that there’s no need for a continuation of WIXOSS. Seriously, this ending is fine and I’m not gonna watch more BATTORU anymore!

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