Back Street Girls Episode #01

Today, I’ll be briefly covering the first episode of Back Street Girls and as you can see, it’s just your typical idol show!

Well, except that they act like gangsters back-stage. I mean, look at that girl chugging that sake like a boss!

It turns out that this idol group called Goku Dolls didn’t appear in an instant…

You see, this producer created Goku Dolls by borrowing some thugs from a yakuza gang.

Well scratch what I’ve said, this producer named Inugane is actually the yakuza boss as he saw that the idol industry is booming so he decides to join the bandwagon!

Oh, and the only way to create an idol group is to transform Kentaro Yamamoto, Ryu Tachibana, and Kazuhiko Sugihara into girls… via sex reassignment surgery in Thailand of course!

And so a year later, these three thugs become idols with Kentaro becoming Airi Yamamoto, Ryu becoming Mari Tachibana, and Kazuhiko becoming Chika Sugihara. So yeah, it’s very complicated but at least Inugane is getting a profit on this venture. Just hoping that rival gangs won’t notice.

Especially this guy named Tooru Kuroda who actually made the trio’s life miserable a year ago. Yeah, Tooru Kuroda is a big creep, and Airi Yamamoto and the rest cannot reveal their past lives or they’re in trouble!

Fortunately, their fans are very vigilant towards troublemakers and lechers that they managed to pin Kuroda down until the police arrive to arrest him. Well, at least the Goku Dolls are safe for now!

So what can I say for Back Street Girls? Well, I feel that this is a show that’s so bad that it’s actually good thanks to its limited animation. C’mon, don’t take this show serious because Back Street Girls will make you laugh!

Anyways, looks like the Goku Dolls will have a hard idol life instead of a yakuza one. See ya next time!

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