Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #01

Well everyone, here’s something that you might check it out for those who love slice-of-life anime, as well as shotacon lovers because c’mon, you have a cute male protagonist named Aki Shiina as he tries to become a man in Tokyo!

But then again, seems that he’ll have a hard time manning-up, especially when Aki-chan (or Akkun) saw a pair of large breasts belonging to the caretaker of Sunoharasou, Ayaka Sunohara.

Yup, this is the show that it’ll remind you of the days when watching Kanokon. C’mon, remember the time when Chizuru Minamoto hugged Kouta Oyamada many times during the TV series? But anyways, enjoy Akkun getting a bit of skinship from Ayaka-san…

…especially when they’re inside the bathroom. Obviously, Aki Shiina couldn’t think straight as his back is being pressed by Ayaka’s huge tits that many of us are getting jealous!

Also introducing some of the tenants at Sunoharasou such as Yuri Kazami, Yuzu Yukimoto, and Sumire Yamanashi. They’re here to see their cute tenant before going to school!

Then again, seems that they saw Akkun kissing the caretaker in the cheek. Well, it’s not lewd compared to being forced to grab her boobies.

In any case, it’s gonna be a wild slice-of-life anime and I hope everyone would survive watching Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san from the next episode till the last. I mean, you’ll get turned on quite easily, especially Ayaka’s huge breasts!

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