Piano no Mori Episode #12

Well everyone, looks like Jean Jacques Serreau is here to witness Kai Ichinose’s performance at the International Chopin Piano Competition.

Man, Monsieur Serreau is excited to see how Kai perform on the world stage. But you know what, seems that Kai will truly deliver…

…as he starts his program with Étude Op. 10, No. 1. While everyone including the judges are very tired, this piece performed by Kai-kun brought a breeze of fresh air.

For Kousei Hirata and his father, seems that they felt relaxed upon hearing Kai-kun’s performance. Of course, it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

In fact, Kai Ichinose brought the entire forest with him as he chronicle his life through hardships and struggles, culminating in the climax where Kai-kun lost his precious piano in the forest.

For Shuhei Amamiya, seems that it his loss that Kai Ichinose is the better pianist than him, but yet again he doesn’t show any signs of hatred as Shuhei felt sadness from Kai’s childhood when he’s living in the red-light district.

Oh, and Shuhei Amamiya is not the only one who’s listening to Ichinose’s music as Takako Maruyama filled her heart with joy upon hearing his piano performance.

And lastly, we have Reiko Ichinose where she’s hoping that her son will be fine there. But you know what, Kai wants to reach Rei-chan through his music.

Oh yes, here’s Sousuke Ajino as he watched his pupil play the Steinway piano to its limits until the end of the program.

While the likes of Pang Wei and Lech Szymanowski are stunned that his performance felt different, Ajino-sensei saw it different…

After all, Kai Ichinose become a fine pianist through his teachings that Sousuke Ajino gave Kai-kun a better life through music.

While it’s better than living through the inner walls of the red-light district, I think Ichinose should not forget where he came from as he’ll cherish those memories, whether it’s good or bad, in order to become a better man.

And now, it’s time to end Kai Ichinose’s performance not with a soft press of the keys, but a slam with his fist in order to make the deepest fortissimo sound that’ll echo across the hall.

For the judges, their 5 senses have tingled throughout Ichinose’s program. He may not be as technical as Shuhei Amamiya, but Kai-kun produced a lasting impression to them and the rest of the audience.

As for Sousuke Ajino, he’s proud of his pupil that Kai achieve greatness amidst of adversary throughout his life. Really, I’m so damn proud of Kai Ichinose!

And that’s the end of Piano no Mori and while we’ll never know the results of the first stage of the International Chopin Piano Competition, I’m hoping that Kai Ichinose’s performance has touched everyone’s hearts.

Still, his story is not yet over as it turns out that it’s just the first half. The second half of Piano no Mori will begin in January 2019 so we’ll have to wait for the continuation of Kai’s adventure. But you know what, despite the naysayers about this show due to being animated by Gainax, I felt happy watching Piano no Mori so I’m excited for next year!

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