Back Street Girls Episode #02

Oh boy, looks like the Goku Dolls are starting to get used to being idols instead of yakuza thugs. Case in point, here’s Mari Tachibana as she’s dreaming of having more gifts than her two idol-mates.

Unfortunately for both Chika Sugihara and Airi Yamamoto, they’re pretty much shocked that their bro- I mean their fellow idol is getting jealous when it comes to receiving gifts from fans.

By the way, I would like to introduce you to Kimura as he’ll become the assistant to the Goku Dolls.

Sure that Kimura knows the Goku Dolls since he’s a little bro to them, especially when Airi and the gang were once yakuza dudes before going under the knife, but he’ll do his best to help the Goku Dolls in any way… or his life will be in danger by Inugane.

But yes, Kimura will do whatever it takes to make Goku Dolls one of the best idol groups in Japan!

By the way, turns out that he’s currently wearing briefs with Chika’s face painted on it. Not sure if it’s downright gross but whatever, Kimura is an oshi to Chika Sugihara.

And finally, here’s Mandarin Kinoshita as he’ll use his expertise in the idol industry to train Goku Dolls from being diamonds in the rough to refined jewels, which will help Inugane gain lots of money!

Anyways, Kinoshita told the girls to act girly by having a girls’ talk, not some conversation between bros even though they’re once men before getting the sex change surgery.

So, the Goku Dolls decided to do a girls talk among themselves… starting by rubbing each others’ breasts. That’s so awkward and really, it makes them feel horny even thought Airi and the rest don’t have dicks!

With that said, another episode ends as we move onto the next episode…

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