Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #02

Well everyone, let’s start this week’s episode with Ayaka Sunohara wearing nothing but a cheerleader uniform.

And apart from not wearing a bra which I can see her underboobs, Ayaka-san might not wearing panties underneath her mini-skirt. Really, the caretaker is seducing Akkun!

Anyways, this week’s episode is about Akkun training with Ayaka-san for the upcoming sports festival. Then again, it seems that SILVER LINK will have to skip that part…

Instead, we got this as Aki Shiina tries to play a prank towards Yuzu Yukimoto. Turns out that Yuzu doesn’t like bugs and- Scratch what I’ve said, everyone in Sunoharasou is scared of bugs… except for Ayaka-san.

As for Akkun however, he got smacked in the noggin’ by Yuzu because she hates being prank’d by a cute shota boy! Poor Akkun…

Speaking of fears and weaknesses, Yuzu Yukimoto told Aki Shiina that in order to let Ayaka-san see him as a man, Akkun needs to find her weakness and exploit it until Ayaka-san relies on him more.

Sounds devious to me but will that plan work?

Now then, let’s start with Aki Shiina asking Ayaka Sunohara to watch a horror movie together. Not sure it’ll work since it’s not Ayaka-san who’ll get scared.

Rather, it’s none other than Akkun as he’s very scared. Not surprising since he’s too damn young to watch a horror movie that Aki will get him nightmares! In any case, mission failed!

So, it’s time for another plan as Aki tries to pounce on Ayaka-san when she’s sleeping. Oh boy, looks like Akkun wants to be very naughty at night!

However, seems that Akkun is getting pounced instead by Ayaka-san as she drags him to her futon and cuddled him, revealing that she’s a bit scared upon watching a horror movie. Well, I must say that Ayaka-san has a weakness after all!

Still, I wonder if Aki Shiina tries to have sex with the caretaker? Oh wait, it’s impossible unless you want to read some doujinshi about it! Anyways, that’s it for this week’s episode as I’ll see you next time…

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