Summer 2018: The rest of the field…

This episode is brought you by Gegege no Kitaro as I found it amusing after watching 14 episodes so far.

It’s full of social commentary that reflects on Japan’s current society, as well as youkai taking advantage on human desires (thanks to Nezumi Otoko no less). But at the end of the day, everything is resolved with Kitaro and his friends stopping youkai from running rampant, although there are a few times where ungrateful humans get what they deserve like in Episode 7 for example.

Still, we haven’t seen the main villain for this 2018 iteration, although this guy came close to being the biggest villain of all. Also, I must say that I gotta love Medama Oyaji’s young look, especially that semi-Ultra Instinct hair! Kudos to Masako Nozawa for voicing both Kitaro and Medama Oyaji, apart from Son Goku.

01. Gundam Build Divers

Anyways, let’s start the ball rolling with Gundam Build Divers as Riku Mikami rebuild his new Gunpla into what’s known as Gundam 00 Sky, using Destiny Gundam’s parts. And as you can see, Riku made an impressive debut with his new Mobile Suit during the difficult Lotus Challenge. Oh and by the way, I must say that Aya Fujisawa is so cute as she revealed herself as the player behind Ayame, who managed to get back her precious SD Gunpla from Tsukasa!

I have to say that Riku improved a lot after taking care of those Mass-Divers that almost destroy Gunpla Battle Nexus, as well as defeating Tsukasa Shiba at his own game. And while Tsukasa will return at some point, I feel that the main focus will be Sarah as she’s being targeted by someone else. Still, I’m hoping that Riku will defend Sarah no matter what because she might hold the key for the future of GBN.

02. Island

Now then, let’s go to some new shows airing in Summer, starting with Feel’s adaptation of Front Wing’s visual novel Island. Yup, the game company who’s responsible for the Grisaia Trilogy.

Anyways, the story is about a guy named Setsuna Sanzenkai who was sent back in time to save an island from impending danger, as well as murdering a person named Setsuna. Then again, this Setsuna doesn’t remember who he is or what his purpose on coming into the past so he’s pretty much a wanderer… until Setsuna Sanzenkai met a fellow time-traveler named Rinne Ohara who she doesn’t know about her past too (although I give some thumbs-up to Yukari Tamura for her lovely singing voice).

With that said, I’m interested on the story of Island as it has a mystery in regards to Urashima Island, its Three Daughters, the soot blight syndrome, and why Setsuna came from the future in the first place. Apart from some fanservice here and there since this is a Front Wing title, I’m hoping that this anime adaptation will compel me on how the story will develop from there.

03. Shinya! Tensai Bakabon

Moving onto Fujio Akatsuka’s classic series Tensai Bakabon where it got a modern makeover much like Osomatsu-kun (now known as Osomatsu-san). Still, Studio Pierrot did some visual homages from the 1971 anime series during the first episode, although that doesn’t stop Bakabon’s papa from changing the aspect ratio (via pushing the black bars) to going under the knife to become a Cambodian woman.

But you know what, I feel that Bakabon and his family shouldn’t drastically change their appearance much because as his papa said, “This is fine!” Then again, the main challenge will be attracting this classic series to a modern audience and Shinya! Tensai Bakabon will have a tough act to follow over Osomatsu-san. Still, I believe that they’ll do it fine once they reached the midway point.

04. My Hero Academia

And finally, let’s end this post with My Hero Academia as these aspiring heroes at U.A. High School are now staying at dorms due to various attacks from the League of Villains. Oh, and Izuku Midoriya and the rest of Hero Class 1-A will have to test their might to earn their provisional hero licenses, ranging from changing their costumes to suit their developing Quirks to creating their own ultimate attacks ’cause heroes need that!

Still, the main focus will be Izuku “Deku” Midoriya as while he’ll become the successor to All Might, I feel that needs to stop being like All Might as Deku needs to forge his own legacy now that he inherited All Might’s (or Toshinori Yagi’s) Quirk “One for All”. Other than Deku, most of his classmates are gaining more levels in order to earn that sweet provisional hero license, especially Katsuki Bakugou. Then again, I’m worried about Bakugou’s inherent arrogance that he almost become a villain if it wasn’t for Deku and his friends saving him without injuring themselves.

With that said, I’ll see you again in August for the halfway point. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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