Free! Dive to the Future Episode #02

Let’s briefly talk about Haruka Nanase’s middle school memories to start this week’s episode, as he and his friends are competing for gold before they graduate.

One such friend is Ikuya Kirishima who look up towards Haruka that Ikuya wants to imitate his freestyle swimming. Then again, Ikuya doesn’t need to copy Haruka’s form much.

In any case, both Haruka and Ikuya promised to each other that they’ll get better at swimming, as they swear at the night sky filled with a meteor shower.

Sadly, they didn’t win and Haruka Nanase suddenly quit swimming, which made Ikuya Kirishima very upset. While Haruka eventually returned, I think Ikuya won’t forgive him.

Now let’s go for a detour a bit as we return to Iwatobi High School where Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki, and Gou “Kou” Matsuoka got new members for their swim club.

It’s great to have new blood before their graduation, but I feel that they miss both Haruka and Makoto-sempai. Let’s hope that they meet again someday.

And now, we return to the present as Ikuya Kirishima is competing at the newcomers’ tournament, doing individual medley instead of the breaststroke event.

As you can see, he’s not the same guy as before because Ikuya became a formidable swimming at Shimogami University’s swim club.

Even Haruka Nanase and his middle school friends are shocked to see Ikuya Kirishima competing as this event. But I’ll be honest, Ikuya would be this season’s Rin Matsuoka because he has problems and he’s very distant towards his former teammates.

Anyways, looks like Haruka Nanase will have to befriend Ikuya Kirishima by beating him at a swimming tournament. Of course, Ikuya might be a tough opponent to beat as he excels at every discipline, from breaststroke to freestyle swimming, so I’m hoping that Haruka is prepared to get himself better on the next episode.

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