Shichisei no Subaru Episode #03

Well look what we have here, seems that Satsuki is in denial right now as she saw Asahi as residual data. I mean, she can’t believe that her friend who was supposed to be dead 6 years ago has returned.

And besides, most of the guildmates at Subaru have changed over the past 6 years…

Not just Satsuki and Takanori, but also Haruto who almost became a shell of his former self after Asahi died. Still, the question remains on why Asahi appeared in Re’Union.

Now let’s go back to the real world where Satsuki Usui found a ring which they used to have it back when Subaru is still around. By the way, this ring symbolizes their eternal bond within the guild, not some exchanging vows.

But hey, this prompted Haruto Amou to dig up Asahi Kuga’s grave and find those rings… in a rainy day.

Luckily, Haruto found one ring but then again, it’s not gonna reunite the entire party together as Takanori, Nozomi, and even Clive have gone to separate ways.

We now return to Re’Union where Asahi created a party ring for Haruto. Of course, Haruto doesn’t want to receive the ring for the time being.

So, Haruto told Asahi to put the newly-crafted ring onto her ring finger. Um Haruto, you know that putting the ring onto Asahi’s ring finger symbolizes that you want to marry her? I guess Haruto doesn’t know that!

Afterwards, Haruto and his party went to the dungeon where they last fought a powerful boss 6 years ago and failed the quest as a result. Yeah, they have some bad memories.

However, they saw Elicia at the gate and I have a feeling that she’ll do something terrible…

Turns out, Elicia summoned Purgatorio who is the monster that killed Asahi Kuga 6 years ago. Well, I have to say that Elicia might not be trusted at all since we don’t know if she’s the enemy or not.

With that said, it looks like Haruto and his party will have to deal with a powerful boss that derailed Subaru in the first place and killed Asahi. Then again, Purgatorio is very strong as like 6 years ago.

However, there is some glimmer of hope as Haruto found a party ring that he lost it 6 years ago. I was hoping that it contained his Sense called “Coeur de Lion”, otherwise this ring might become a bust.

Of course, Haruto needs to act fast as both Asahi and Satsuki couldn’t get their feet off the ground as they got stunned by Purgatorio. This ain’t good!

However, Haruto managed to grab the ring which contained the Coeur de Lion and beat Purgatorio with minimal ease. Well, at least he avenged Asahi’s death but it’s not yet over!

So without further ado, Haruto and the rest must find out why Asahi exists in Re’Union and why everyone wants a piece of her. But first, he must find his former teammates which is very hard considering that everything changed for the past 6 years.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as Subaru is now reborn, but it’s not yet complete!

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